First off, this is definitely not an advertisement for finger-licking chocolates. Jokes apart! We all love anything that is sweet, right from sweet personalities to sweet treats. But what if I told you that all of our mixed feelings about sweets can be turned into a delicacy?

Your guess is right! We’re going to be celebrating chocolate. It has always been a part of our lives, be it our childhood or adulthood. No matter what the occasion is, chocolates just enhance it. Isn’t it an irony? When we eat chocolate, it melts, but when we see it, we just melt. Though we don’t say that it is an emotion out loud, deep down it is!

Today is World Chocolate Day. Without getting into the boring “chocolate descriptions” (as we all know how it feels), travel with me back in time.

The Time Machine Tale:

Let’s hop on the time machine and travel back to 450 BC. We have landed in Latin America. Taking a few steps, we come to know about the Olmec (Olmec is an early civilization that invented many delicacies). A young woman belonging to the group is seen carrying some cacao plants (later to be known as cocoa) into her hut.

She begins to cook, and the plant is later transformed into a cream. This brown-coloured sweet cream was to cure her son’s illness. You are correct, my friends! chocolate was used as medicine back then. It was later converted into bars and labelled a delicacy.

Isn’t it always exciting to find out how they were created? Let me take you through some unknown chocolaty facts that would melt your mind away!

  • The hot chocolate was the first-ever delicacy made out of chocolate.
  • Cacao was used as a medium of exchange for goods in the olden period.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte was a secret chocolate lover.
  • It takes about 400 hand-picked cocoa beans to make a single bar of chocolate.
  • The life span of a cacao tree is about 200 years.
  • Chocolate has a melting point that is one degree lower than that of the human body, as chemistry enthusiasts will notice.
  • The term “chocolate” was derived from the Aztec word “Xocolatl”.
  • It is basically divided into four fantastic flavours, namely dark, white, milk, and blond.
  • It is a great diet booster and enhances your immunity.
  • Feeling troubled? Smell a chocolate bar as it is scientifically proven to relax one’s mind and soul.

Life is too short! So go grab some chocolate and your favourite person. Sit together and share your thoughts about this yummy blog. Sometimes, a bar of chocolate is all you need to get your mind and soul connected. Concluding with my share of thoughts,

“Chocolate is your free pass to travel into souls.”

Happy Chocolate Day and best wishes for a chocolate-filled year ahead, my dear cocoa beanies!

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