Have you ever realized that your body sends unmistakable signals to people around you? In the subconscious stage, we do several actions. That we call Body language.

“The way we behave to communicate with others” is known as a Body language. There are two ways of communication. One is verbal and another is nonverbal. Body language fits in non-verbal communication. Body language includes facial expressions, eye movements, and gestures. It indicates the attitude or state of mind of a person. The way we stand, how we sit, how we walk, the way we use our hands and eyes are some aspects of everyday body language.

This body language reveals a person’s personality in regards to his confidence, lie, Truthfulness, boredom, amusement, attentiveness, and Timidity.
Let’s say you are in an interview. Before you speak your body language acts first. It is said that speaking Only involves 17%, 13% is vocal(Speed, volume, tone) and the remaining 70% is body language.

 “Our bodies are apt to be our autobiographies.” –Frank Gillette Burgess

It is necessary to get to know about our own body language. So that we recognize it in ourselves as well as others. Studies show that HOW you say is 13 times more important than WHAT you say.

“You can tell a lot by someone’s body language.” –Harvey Wolter

There are two types of Body language.
◙ Positive/Open Body language
◙ Negative/Closed Body language


Positive body language is very easy to master. There are few points that make you a positive body language person. They are

➤ Look them in the eyes
Always maintain eye contact during the whole conversation. This is the most important part of open body language

➤Make sure your palm is open
Keep your hands down and don’t hide your hands in your pockets or don’t keep them closed. Put down anything you hold

➤Legs uncrossed
Let your legs be uncrossed. Don’t cross your legs in any situation

➤Stand straight
You feel confident when you stand straight facing them.

➤Good smile
Smile only when it is necessary. Don’t smile every time. Don’t smile at the first minute or two during the conversation.

Nod when you understood what the other person is saying. Nodding gives the other person confirmation to proceed. Don’t keep your face in a single position


Closed body language creates a bad impression on the person.
➤Arms folded in front
This creates a barrier. So just keep your arms down.

➤Hand on cheek/chin
Hand over one’s face is a Closed gesture. This indicates that the conversation is too boring, uninteresting.

➤Lack of eye contact
Don’t look here and there. Instead of looking at windows, stairs, empty spaces look at the other person’s eyes. Don’t blink your eyes more often. That shows your distraction.

“Eye rolling is one of the nonverbal signs that are pretty much always aggressive.” –Steve Watts

➤Lack of response
When you’re in a conversation/meeting, Make sure the audience is listening. Even if someone is not agreeing, it is important to show a response that they’re still listening.

“When speechless, let the body do the talk.”

Body language is a type of communication that helps us to convey our emotions which cannot be well expressed by using words.