Let me tell you why Vedivelu is my all time favorite, as same as 99% of the population in Tamil Nadu.

My thaliava is relatable in all the era and for all generation people. His body language, way of speaking, everything gives life to the character he is playing.

I have liked Vedivelu from a very little age and till now he is my favorite, it has never changed. Everyone has a stressful life, but a little laugh can lift up our mood, he is one of some people in the Tamil industry that actually can make everyone laugh with just facial expression, body language and legendary dialogues.

In 1988, another extraordinary career was launched through a small character in T Rajendar’s En Thangai Kalyani. Vadivelu had a difficult first few years, since the dominance of Gowndamani and Senthil left very little space for emerging comedians. But in the late 90’s Vedivelu started growing and people started liking new faces in comedy like Vedivelu, Vivek etc.

There is no day I go without liking an Instagram post about Vedivelu meme. It always makes my day!

Vedivelu is not just a name among Tamil meme nation but an emotion.

Vadivelu has worked on more than 200 films as a comedian and as a lead actor. He became an integral part in the daily lives of people with the emergence of social media in the early 2010s. Thanks to his natural acting and his unique skill of relating with people’s emotions through his expressions.

My personal favorite characters of Vedivelu are kaipulla, encounter egambaram, snake babu, naai Sekar, soona paana and I can go on and on.

Finally, this page is just about my love for my thalaivar and I know he is your favorite too.

Thalaivar will always be legendary in everyone’s heart!

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