The life of a human being is incomplete without a friend. From growing together to playing multiple roles in each other life, A friend is the most beautiful gift in this world. This day is the most celebrated day of the year.

I dedicate this blog to all my readers and friends across the world.

 I never had a gang of friends. Yes, I’m timid and introverted, yet I was blessed with four of these people. They shared my tears and happiness equally till today.

We shall meet hundreds of people and may even have a large group of friends, but only a few will be our closest ones. For me, it’s them. We always face many weird situations in a relationship. In friendship, all you will have is memory.

This bond happens naturally and literally, will have no intention.

I never celebrated my birthday, experienced surprise, went for an outing, or laughed my heart out until I met them. Till my sixteenth birthday, I never cut a cake or celebrated my birthday.  It is just another boring day for me; My friends were the ones who celebrated my birthday the way I desired.

The irony is I never told my wishes to them. They planned a surprise cake cutting and made me burst into happy tears. It was the first birthday I’ve celebrated to date.

The other day, a guy on the road harassed me; I was helpless and never knew what to do at that instance. At that time, I ran to my friends. The moment I shared with them. They accompanied me within the next ten minutes. The trust they gave me has no comparison. That is the power of friendship as well.

The base for any relationship is trust and care. We get these two things only from our friends and family. We may have many people who might help us in that specific situation. Eventually, we will choose to run to our friends at any cost. It is not about how many years you have been together; all that matters is the bond you share.

 A friend is someone you could trust blindly.

We may have pros & cons, and disputes, but in the end, they are the family we chose. There is a famous quote, “Tell me who is your friend. I will tell who you are.” A person’s character is effectively explained only by their friends.

In short, we could find our second self in them. It is not mandatory that we should talk daily, hang out or wish each other on special days. But once you take up a call or meet, we must give your fullest to them. That is the true version of friendship.

Friends are stars in our lives. It’s destiny that helps to find our stars. Find yours and start living with it.

Happy friendship day and thanks for making my world super wonderful!

Happy reading!

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