The universe is something, which started prevailing after the Big Bang theory. It contains billions of galaxies with millions or billions of stars filled in it.

But this is the theory. let’s look at this from a different perspective, fantasizing about the Universe.

Have you ever wondered if the miracles are for real? Well, if you have had this question, in my view, the answer is yes.

People confirm miracles by associating them with their religion but I believe the only religion responsible for miracles to happen is the universe. It might come to you in the form of a person, a memo, or even in a dream or whichever form, it’s just unexplainable. You just have to look for it when there is a sign.

We humans will have a million questions in our minds, which we don’t usually find answers to, and it’s just because we don’t know where to find those answers.

Close your eyes and talk to the universe, the universe listens and helps you find whatever you wish.

As said by Ralph Waldo Emerson, once you decide something, the universe conspires to make it happen.

Sometimes, it takes time to get what you wish, or even face hardships during the process but that’s just a way the universe tests how strong your desire is.

We all will have at least one person in our life who we bumped into randomly and, strangely that person happens to mean the world to us. In some cases, the universe decides to take away that person from us and lets us go through a hard phase, the agony just makes us wonder “what else does the universe have in store for me”. well, in most cases it turns out you get something that changes your life completely and keeps you grateful forever.

Whatever might be the case, the universe will always be by your side. The universe will reach you in the form of other people.

However, the way movies depict miracles to be in the form of an angel falling from the sky or the sky having a face and talking to you, isn’t real. The signs are always subtle, indirect, and intertwined in our everyday routine life. The universe isn’t there somewhere, it is in everything.

We all would have experienced this at least once in our life, in situations like you get a strong gut feeling to say yes or no to the toughest decision. Or you just randomly click a link and it takes you to the right source which you would have searched long ago. It just finds you at the right time.

There is so much about the universe but we have got very little time to explore them.

In this huge universe, you will always be able to see just one part of a person, the world is full of mysteries and secrets. And it is also important for humans to rely on someone, to have hope and trust. well, not all get to have that in one person, some have their hope in the name of god, and I have my hope in the universe.

Be mindful of your thoughts always, it is the conversation between you and the universe and you also don’t get what you ask for just from your thoughts, it is your actions that define you. The universe you live in is completely determined by how you think you are. Even in the world of chaos, be grateful for the little things you have.

And let yourself melt within the universe, the universe has a lot of things to tell you, and as the phrase suggests if u seek something, the same thing will seek u in return.

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