Chennai is definitely a celebrated word and an emotion. It plays a major role in almost every domain. Authentic south Indian platters for foodies to the much celebrated Chennai super kings cricket team. All of the magic takes place right here in madras. Most of us know the history of madras and their origin.

But let us know about the things that make madras very close to many hearts.

Let’s hop on this beautiful journey. Sit back and enjoy reading this !


This city is full of life and love. Every street has a story to tell and it is purely of surprises. People here can be seen with smiles and are very welcoming.

There is a saying in Tamil that states, “vandhorai vazha vaikum tamilnadu”. Its translation is, “Tamilnadu, a state which welcomes and flourishes people”.

Many people who have come to Tamilnadu from across the globe have found purpose and joy in their life. It can also be in the most indirect way possible. People of madras are very friendly and will go to any extreme to help a person. They don’t judge and are very empathetic. 


The food here is mouth-watering. I might highly recommend you to try idly and sambar if you are from someplace else. The variety of dishes available here especially the Chettinad has a separate fan base.

If you are a street food lover, you would love madras so much. On every street, you may find different types of street food and refreshments. It is the best place to go for food-hunting. You can always expect the most delicious of foods when you dine in madras.


It is known for its ancient buildings that had been built in the late centuries. Some buildings which were constructed during the British period, still stand tall. Other than old buildings, the temples here are in huge numbers. The speciality of these temples is that all of them hold a unique style and architecture.

Even the old dams have proved to thrive even in this generation. So, if you are an adventurer then you are in the right place. Every place has its own story and background which might amaze you.


There are a lot of castes, religions and cultures that are followed in madras. The biggest strength is that all of them celebrate each other’s festivals and occasions. When a particular group faces a difficulty or a problem, the entire Tamilnadu stands together.

This is what makes madras and Tamilnadu so special. We all stand together without even knowing about each other. Regardless of status, caste, gender, religion or standard. 

So come fall in love with our beautiful madras and you will feel this emotion too. If you come empty-handed, you may only leave with a handful of astounding memories.

Concluding with my share of thoughts, “madras can be the typical comfort zone that will help you to grow personally and professionally.”

Happy reading.

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