A great influencer was rose up in Arraba a small village in Isreal. This guy was criticized for his brown race. Particularly in his village, they had no glass ceiling they had a ceiling made up of concrete in which he felt very successful. People from Arraba had no expectations in their lives they wanted to pass the time just as such. He felt very demotivated thinking that he is the ugliest one of all he felt even ugly due to which he lost his self-confidence. It was hard for his survival facing many situations. After the incident of 9/11, it was hard for Muslims like him to outshine. The people in his village found it difficult to get a job, succeed, or whatever it is. It was a challenging situation. So this guy decided to sit in front of a computer to hide his insecurities and his low self-esteem. Millions of people like him feel losing themselves but many didn’t get enough opportunities like him. After these incidents he really wanted to overcome then he says it is “sick of hiding” so he decided to make a turning point in his life


Apart from his laptop, he started facing the camera very confidently then he decided to make 1-minute videos so he was very excited that he can covey it proudly and confidently. To make his news even more special he traveled around the world in search of inspiring content. He started his video in Genocide of Rwanda, he talks about the nature of the people and the surrounding in an inspiring way that made him popular. This journey began right from the year 2013 and it is running successfully till date. One of his early successes was the video about the conflict between Isreal and Palestine. People started appreciating his content and no one spoke up regarding his looks and literally, they don’t say you are ugly or beautiful whatever it is. I really got inspired by each and every news that he conveyed. I got to know about each and every place just by listening to his video especially about the boiling river of Peru, the rocky mountains of Albania, the flat Islands of Maldives, congested housing in Colombia this was a virtual international for me. Though he was sick and he was supposed to make 2 videos that day he never gave up on his target of making videos. Then he met thousands of people in Malta in the event “Oh my Malta”. One fine day he decided to entertain 100 Filipino kids and their families he had a great time with them also he hosted a dinner with 300 Jews and Arabs at his residence.

He sold two of his apartments for free which are in Isreal and Palestine. Then comes his experience in India where they went through a real but fake wedding along with his girlfriend Alyne and also another wedding in Papua New Guinea.

Alyne and Nas

Alyne and he started their journey of togetherness in the year 2017. Where Alyne was also a content creator and she traveled with him on each and every journey. Alyne played a vital role in his life. His videos exploded all over the world watching him 4 billion times vanished his low self-esteem. He met many great leaders like the president of Malta, President of Albania, Minister of Canada, President of Armenia, Prime minister of Singapore and he presented himself in front of the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg.

On the day of 5th January of 2019, he completed 1000 days of brown average village Muslim has completely vanished from his head he is set free from everything. He strongly believed that “you can change the world in your own way” he came back stronger with 100 weeks challenge of making videos. In the DubaiExpo 2020, he met Bil Gates and had a great time making a video with a dead fly. The way he conveys grabs everyone’s attention. the appreciation that he receive from each and everyone motivated him to do more.


I haven’t revealed about the person still and he’s popular for “That’s one minute see you tomorrow” yes it is none other than Nesuir Yassin also known as Nas from Nasaily. He also hosts many workshops on various genres to engage people in many aspects of life. He also hosts Nasstudios, Nasacademy. Where Nasstudios aims in video production, series production, localization, and many more. Nasacademy helps you in becoming whatever you wanted to be.


You have played a vital role in my life. each and every video has motivated youths like me to explore new things. I am very much thankful and I would like to propose my gratitude by writing this blog on account of your 30th birthday. One last time it is all about “ That’s one minute see you tomorrow” HAPPY 30’ NAS I hope you find this blog which is specially drafted for you. I wholeheartedly wish you great success and awaiting for your upcoming events and videos. wishing you and your family good health and life. love from India!

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