Woman. The real architects of the society. A lovely living entity who actually keeps the world together no matter how many times it tried to fall. An awesome work of art who never fails to shower the people they love with affection and attention.

Sometimes her struggles go unnoticed but that never stopped her from being successful. We have seen women excel in all fields despite the hardships thrown at them. They continue to upskill themselves, being the best versions of themselves every time.

We have seen women achieving greater heights the last year. Mithali Raj  is the first Indian woman to be awarded with the Major Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna Award. Harnaaz Sandhu from India made to the news this year by bringing back the Miss Universe crown home after 21 years. Sprinter Anju Bobby George was awarded with the ‘Woman of the Year’ award at the World Athletics Awards 2021. The list is endless, and hence we decided to keep it as short as possible.

While its awesome to see women smashing the ball out of the park, it still continues to be a sad reality to think about the double standards around us. Sometimes I feel like women would achieve more if there were no double standards

“A man does something, it’s strategic. A woman does the same thing, it’s calculated. A man is allowed to react. A woman can only overreact.”

-Taylor Swift

According to the quote above, we have seen the double standards everywhere. From workspace to our own homes, these double standards hurt’s everyone no matter what their gender is. This women’s day, let’s take an promise to make it easier for the women around us.

How to make it easier for the women?

Speak up/stand up:

Whenever you see something bad happening to a girl, stand up! It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman. The first step in eliminating all these problems faced by women of our society is to teach them to speak up. Teaching all the women and young girls that it’s okay to raise their voice and making them feel heard and bear out could help them to actively voice against any kind of issues they face.

Smashing the patriarchy:

This system cannot be abolished very easily as it has been deeply rooted in our hearts for centuries long. People might think that “Okay, Patriarchy is not my problem as I don’t get affected by it” but they support animal rights even though they are not an animal. Small practices like men helping in cooking, doing household works or standing up against discrimination could help in the long run. It might not mean a lot but taking slow, small and steady steps could cause a greater impact in these coming years.

Patriarchy is a practice where the eldest male in the family is considered as the head. It might be a simple sentence but this patriarchy evolved into so many forms, resulting in a lot of negative stuff like domestic abuse, inequality in workspace, seeing women as an object and not as a living thing with her own heart and soul, etc.

You can actually see this in all the small things we do, like a lot of bad words or curse words you speak when you’re angry are something related to a woman. Sometimes women are actually seen as someone’s wife, someone’s sister etc., but they are never seen as their own individual and their own life if you actually think about it. This patriarchy also affects men in the means of their mental health.

Women stick together!

This is something that I have observed for a few years. Women tend to tear other women down in the name of being cool. They tend to call themselves “not like the other girls” so that they could get more attention. They tend to spread rumors and gossips about other girls so that they could get all of their attention. They think that having a lot of opposite gendered friends is cool because they are “not like the other girls”. The moment we stop tearing other women down in the name of looking cool, that’s the real moment where we could live up to our standards and create a revolution.

Acknowledge and validate!

There are a lot of challenges and issues faced by women concerning their physical and mental health. Women in India have faced gender discrimination, gender pay gap, sexual harassment, verbal harassment, rape, dowry related problems, domestic violence, etc., at least once in their lifetime. Its 21st century but still we are in a place where we still have to fight for equality. Yes, sati and female infanticide are not as prevalent as centuries ago but that doesn’t alienate the struggles faced by women every day. We don’t want free bus tickets as we can afford it. We want equality in work place, an eve teasing free environment, a country free from rape, dowry, and a lot more. Giving us free bus tickets doesn’t erase it, rather it pours oil in the burning fire. We’ve been asking for something for so long but we are never given that. Well, this could be a consequence of the deeply rooted patriarchy. No matter how many times we are shinning the light on positivity, it doesn’t mean that the negatives can be eliminated.

Appreciate and understand!

Women are more than just being a baby making machine. In the recent days we have seen a lot of women are breaking boundaries and shaping the future. Women deserve to be celebrated for their extraordinary achievements and contributions to this society and the country. Even though there exists a lot of discriminations and inequalities, women still continue to thrive. They multitask so effectively, by being the glue of the family and being a boss lady at work.

If you come across a woman today, wish them a Happy Women’s Day. It could mean nothing to you but it might mean the world for the respective person whose achievements often goes unnoticed. Celebrate the women around you and spend some time with them. Every single thing you do will matter in the long run.

Happy Women’s Day!!!

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