Ponniyin selvan ….

After hearing this always I have goosebumps. I read the book and also, I watched the movie. There is a lot of similarities as well as there is a lot of conflicts in the latest ponniyin Selvan movie. Let’s see what are the conflicts going around this national pride movie “ponniyin Selvan”

Ponniyin Selvan:

On September 30, a national pride of Tamilan’s came to theatre. Yeah, it is a national pride. The history and mystery revealed in a beautiful way as well as in an unsatisfied way. Now, here is the major issues came into action.

After watching the movie many of them satisfied and unsatisfied with Mani Ratnam’s work. Mani Ratnam is a great director in Tamil industry, he was one of the finest directors to give blockbuster movie to all the actors.

The first book cover of Ponniyin Selvan

The First Try:

This ponniyin selvan great historical movie is now released after a 70 years struggle of many popular actors and many directors. Even Mani Ratnam also tried several times to complete this movie. Even our EX- Cheif minister MGR tried to film this movie.

But unfortunately, he met with an accident and he was advised to take rest for three months. After that, he left that movie. Like this many times many of them tried and left incompletely.

The first try of MGR, is illustrated in animation

Why it took 70 years?

After the first try, the movie takes 70 years to hit theatres. But you can ask why it took 70 years? You may ask me. But we have to understand the complexity of this story. In this story we can’t vomit a character, even a small flower collector is important character and a great king can be an avoidable character. This is the complexity in this movie.

A 70 years struggle

Merits in this movie:

Now let’s see about the movie. The way Mani Ratnam move this story is just awesome. Many book readers will ask, is this the great way? But the problem is with our audience. They don’t understand what’s going on. If you ask me that question, I will ask you one thing? How many days you take to complete these 5 books.

I literally took 14 days to complete this all the 5 books. But Mani Ratnam did this in a 3 hours movie. Still, I don’t get it how he did this. Also, it is a very big deal to have and maintain many great actors and actress. So, we have to understand this issue still you are not convinced, problem is not with us!

Demerits in this movie:

Now, let us discuss about the demerits in this movie. Demerits in the sense, they can improve this in a better way. This movie is budgeted with 500 crores. So, that they can improve the graphics in a better way like, in the last 30 mins of the movie, the CG will be great. But, in the first half of the movie, there isn’t a much impressive graphics.

After that, some of the fun and good book scenes missing in this movie. These are the only demerits I can see in this movie.


As a peaceful advice to book readers, please understand this time complexity in the movie, I know you wished to see a lot of visual but unfortunately you can’t get it. Please don’t criticize this movie, try to celebrate this movie as much as you can.

Let’s spread our Tamilan’s pride all over the world.

Happy Reading

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