“November flush and your flannel cure”. It’s the same as saying, “It was cold during the month of November and you gave me your sweater”. But isn’t the first saying more elite and filled with emotion more than the 2nd saying? Yes! Who is this person who can transform small signal into words and give it a wide range of emotions? Its none other than Ms. Swift, also known as Taylor Swift. She could also write a song called happiness and make it one of her most depressing songs ever!

Taylor Swift performing at the AMA’s 2019 where she received her artist of the decade award.

Taylor Alison Swift was born on December 13, 1989 in Pennsylvania. At the age of 9, Taylor became interested in musical theater. She took a bunch of vocal and acting lessons while she was deeply attracted by country music. When she was 12 years old, she learnt to play the guitar from her computer repairman. Around the age of 14, her family moved to Nashville, in order to help her to pursue a career in music. She used to write songs about her own heartbreaks, beautifully capturing them without missing a single detail.

Playing guitar helped her a lot as a song writer, I guess you can call it “teardrops on her guitar”. When she was 14, she signed a record deal with the debut record label, the Big Machine Records. She released her first album titled “Taylor Swift” around the year 2006. This album was a massive success with two songs from the album, “our song” and “should have said no”, reaching number 1 on the Billboard Hot Country songs.

Taylor Swift performing “I don’t wanna live forever” live at Super Saturday Night, Houston – TX

If I start talking about all the achievements Taylor swift has done, I don’t think a single blog will be enough. She later released her second album Fearless around 2009, her third album which she wrote all by herself without any co-writer “Speak Now”; her fourth album, also called as the autumn heartbreak album “Red”; her fifth album, which could be called as “pop perfection”, “1989”; her 6th album, which proves that Karma is real, “reputation” and her seventh, first self-owned album, “Lover”. She released her eighth album never giving a warning sign, “folklore” and her ninth album, the sister of folklore, “evermore”.

She has won 11 Grammy awards, 34 American music awards, 25 billboard music awards, 12 country music association awards, etc. She is also the youngest person on the rolling stones list of 100 greatest songwriters of all time.

Taylor Swift proudly holding her 11th Grammy award and her 3rd Grammy award for album of the year, Folklore

Apart from all these achievements, what makes her more special? She has written and sung almost all kinds of songs. There’s a Taylor swift for almost every emotion you feel. Want a song about self-love, then listen to “ME!”; a song about you getting caught up in a loop of life where nothing seems to work? Then listen to “this is me trying”. A song about how everyone you trusted turns their backs on you and painted you as the villain? She has the song “I did something bad”. She also has a wide variety of heartbreak songs which we can feel it in our bones even though we have never had a romantic interest even once. She’s a role model to whoever wants to own their music, the craft they have created by pouring their own heart and

Ms. Swift onstage during the MTV EMA’s 2012 performing “We are never ever getting back together”

One of the main reasons of why admire her is the fact that she always turns the negative things she goes through something beautiful. Some famous person was very mean towards her and said that she couldn’t sing. She wrote a song called “Mean” as a clapback towards her haters and won two Grammys for it. People internet bullied her in 2016, spamming her Instagram and twitter with snake emojis after a rapper dissed her in a song and his ex-wife edited their phone call and leaked it.

All of her enemies started as friends though. She disappeared for a year and came up with the album, reputation which had the most successful American tour ever. Its because she could build a castle out of all the bricks they threw at her. She keeps cruising, she can’t stop and she wont stop moving as she’s got this music in her mind telling it would be alright. She just shakes it off! Similarly, life would be very simple if we learn to shake it off and turn the people’s negativity being thrown at us into art!