The potency of a song is judged by its reverberation in the hearts of people. Naatu Naatu will be an everlasting ruler in the hearts of many million people across the globe. 13th March 2023 is recorded as a historical day for Indian cinema for winning the best original song at the Oscars 2023. This hit track has earned 7 awards including the Golden Globe and the 95th Academy award for Best Original Song topping big names like Lady Gaga and Rihanna.

S.S. Rajamouli’s RRR film has created a phenomenal record in Indian cinema. The song Naatu Naatu is a significant reason behind it. This song was crafted by lyricist Chandrabose. The intense track was composed by famous musician M. M. Keeravani who has already composed music for 220+ films.

Making of the song:
The lyricist said in an interview that “It took 19 months and 20 minutes to complete this song.” He added,” 90% of the song was completed within half a day, and the remaining 10% took one year and seven months to complete.” The emphasizing feature of the song is that the words used in the Naatu Naatu belong to an outdated lexicon, no contemporary words were used throughout the song. The song has 165 BPM hence it is so vibing and energizing.
Naatu Naatu is an example of teenmar which means three sounds in Telugu, a percussive, aggressive, and raunchy form of pop music. The music of Naatu Naatu is a fusion of contemporary instruments with instruments rooted in Indian tradition. The sounds of peepni, shehnai, and khol drums were blended with multiple layers, along with other frame instruments, chorus, and vocals; to create a dynamic track. This music belongs to a distinctive triplet-heavy and 6/8 rhythm genre.
The vocals of Rahul Silpligunj and Kaala Bhairava added spice to make it a feast.

Choreography and videography:
The song is not only famous for its music, but also for its hook dance steps and spell bounding videography. Prem Rakshith choreographed the hook steps for Naatu Naatu. The steps went viral on social media for several days across the world. Naatu Naatu was shooted at Mariinsky Palace- the home of the Ukraine president. The different visual angles like a low, top, eye-level, and mid shot in combination with pan, dolly, push, and zoom camera movements created jaw-dropping shots that served as a visual treat for the viewers.

Mood changer to plot conveyer

While cinemas were using songs to emphasize the characters and particular scenes. S.S. Rajamouli, Keeraavaani, and Chandrabose used this song to convey the movie’s plot. From setting the mood to portraying the soul of a film, music has created magic in every human life. This magic by Keeraavani has further made the Indian music industry walk with pride on the global stage.