Well, does he need any introduction?

Definitely not! Yes he is. I’m talking about Virat Kohli – The King Kohli.

In jungle, there will be a lion, tiger, bear, and more great animals. But, if I ask who is the king of the jungle, everyone says lion right?

Why we are saying lion is the King. Even though, lion is not as strong as Tiger, it is not as tall as elephant, it is not as wise as fox. But, its one roar is enough to make the jungle shake!

Who is he?

Well, we already know him very well, but if you are an unknown of him, just take a glimpse on it. On November 5 1988, a child is born for Prem Kohli and Saroj Kohli. He was the first one to take in Delhi Cricket Academy (West) at an age of 9. Later then, he played cricket for Delhi team at an age of 13. In the very next year, he became as the captain of that team.

The first shine in his life came in a bitter moment of his life. He scored 90 runs, against Karnataka team, on that day his father died. Everyone thought he won’t show up to the match. But suddenly everyone was shocked, because he came to the ground with bat and gave a tribute to his father!

Now, that kid is one of the major reasons of our Indian cricket team victories. He also captained Indian team for several years.

Yes, that kid is “Virat Kohli”.

GOAT for a reason:

Virat Kohli is a very famous cricketer, with more number of followers. Virat Kohli was known as GOAT (Greatest Of All Time). He is not just called as GOAT for scoring more runs , but also for his great comebacks, his aggression, his love towards cricket.

In IPL 2016th edition, everyone remembers that hitting hand celebration. But, they don’t know the pain behind it. During that match, Kohli had a hand injury with several stitches near the thumb finger and the index finger.

Every team mates suggest drop him from playing 11 on that match. On the same match, Kohli scored a century in just 47 balls. So, he indicates his team mates that this hand injury can’t stop him from scoring century.

After a long time, Virat can’t able to score century for years. He scored 70’s, 80’s many times. But he can’t score a century. Many people criticized him for his poor form. Even though, in his poor form his average was above 30. He holds the no.1 position in ICCI batting rank for years. Due to his poor form, he was moved from no.1 position.

At first, he demotes himself from the captain of his IPL team. After that, he demotes himself from the captain of India to concentrate more on his form. Everyone begins to think that, we are in a End of an Era. But .!


On 2022, T20 world cup, India vs Pakistan came into battle. All time Virat Kohli’s favorite opponents, on that match he scored a century and made his announcement of his comeback with a great roar.

Coming back to the first statement, as I already said, there are many legends like Dhoni, Sachin, Shewag, in the cricket legacy.

But, Kohli is the king of the cricket with a roar of aggression and dedication.

He is the most successful test captain in india. He has led India in 68 Test matches, won 40, lost 17 and drawn 11. In the first 10 years of Test cricket, nobody has amassed as many centuries as Virat Kohli did.

Comment down what you liked about King Kohli?

Happy reading.

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