“In war, you can only be killed once, but in politics, many times.”

– Winston Churchill

Yes, these words speak the condition of today’s political world. Today’s politics is mostly influenced by money and corruption. Politics may be defined as the art or science concerned with guiding or influencing governmental policies. The political discipline of a country defines how well the government of a country functions. Every citizen of the country must know
what real politics is. They should be aware of how the government of a country works. Today’s politics is only controlled by politicians without the concern of the people. How can a government be legal if it is not influenced by the people? The political system of our country should be improved manifold.

Politics is a game that needs high functioning and thinking levels. The people participating in this game must have gone through the toughest levels. The qualifications to become a politician must be set up. Their whole lifestyle should be scanned which also includes his marks, activities, studies, sports, interests, hobbies, social activities, background, etc. Almost
every information of the person must be verified. He should not take decisions in a biased way. Only what is right to the people should be considered.

Wrong selection of politicians leads to uncontrollable chaos.

The implementations of policies and manifesto promises should be clearly explained to the people to the most basic level. The transparency of politicians helps them to connect easily with the needs of the people. They can easily calculate what they need. The people have every right to know what is happening at the internal level of the government.

According to data compiled from the United Nations and The Economist, The average age of the Indian Cabinet is 65 Years whereas the average age of an Indian is 25. Today’s young generation is unaware of the political level of our country. To get rid of this, Younger people should take part in politics. Today’s generation is highly knowledgeable. They are keen to explore
new things. They are fearless and ready to take calculated risks. The participation of younger people in politics will also lead to the birth of a new India.

Vote is your ultimate right. Every vote counts.


The ideologies of the political parties should be in phase with that of the people. They should not be particularly focused on any religion or race or any group. The harmony between the politicians and people is very important for the functioning of the governance neatly and cleanly. Their ideas should not be influenced by corruption and bad deeds.

There should be mutual respect even among the opposition parties. They are just trying to do good for the people in a different way compared to us. A good understanding between the politicians is very much required for the development of the country and its integrity. The relationship between them acts as a good example of the love and peace prevailing in our country.

At last, it is us, People who are very much important for the development of our political system. We should select the right and best among them. We should decide to whose hands, our future should be given. Let us act responsibly and make our country a better place to live.

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