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The last article was something sweet. This article takes a complete turn in the taste and is about bitter taste. This article is all about the benefits and qualities of bitter food.

Some of the prominent examples of bitter foods include bitter gourd, Brussels sprouts, radish, green tea; vinegar, etc. hearing these names makes a lot feel “yuck”.

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Bitter food is the least preferred food among the different tastes. We can see children frowning and showing other sorts of facial expressions when a plate of bitters is given to them. It is impossible that a child eats bitter food by own.

There is a genetic backing for that. Like it is assumed that toxic kinds of stuff are bitter in nature and this particular gene is active in children and deteriorates as they age. This gene doesn’t allow children to eat a lot of bitter just to ensure that they don’t ingest anything toxic.

Their parents have to undergo a lot of work and stress just to feed the bitters to them. This phase has been present in most of childhood and even in the later stages, people frown to eat bitter food; including me!!

It is essential to be aware of the health properties of bitter foods in general. At least that awareness can make people eat them. Children won’t understand these benefits and it is natural at their ages. But adults have to know about them and try to explain it to their children so that they eat at the early stages.

Chemical compounds like phenols and quinine are the reason for the bitter taste. Aha! we found the traitors!! Their bitter nature is released once they bind with the taste receptors in the tongue.

Bitter food in general stimulates the production of stomach acid. Also, most bitter foods are rich in fibers. Based on these two facts, we can say that bitters aid digestion.

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salads made with sour and bitter components are better for weight loss

Bitter food is ideal for weight loss. This food is less in calories and fat and contains complex carbohydrates. This makes the stomach full despite less consumption. Also, plant-based chemicals stimulate the production of bile in the liver through hormones.

the liver secretes the bile and the gall bladder stores it

Bitter foods are effective in reducing blood sugar levels making them ideal for diabetics. Bitter foods are diabetic’s friends. A diabetic person has to regularly consume bitter food based on the severity of the condition.

Bitter food makes the cells consume more glucose and as a result, the blood sugar levels reduce. The cells take in glucose as food for their respiration and hence the excess glucose is consumed. It is recommended that diabetic patients drink apple cider vinegar at least once per day. 

Collectively, the bitter taste is essential for a normal body is more required for those who want to reduce weight and blood sugar levels. The bitter taste is one not to be neglected. In fact, all the tastes must be taken in equilibrium for better health.

I hope that this article has brought a lot of awareness and importance about bitter food. Make sure to eat bitter foods the next time even though they don’t taste good. If we neglect foods like these now, then we cannot avoid medicine later. Hence be conscious of the foods you consume.



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