Taylor Swift is one of the most famous and critically acclaimed singer-songwriters of the 21st century. Not only has she written songs that consecutively topped the music charts but she has also broken numerous records. One reason for this is her huge and loyal fanbase, the Swifties.

She is just so awesome. Her music is like the warm hug of a loved one, soft and comfortable and makes you feel safe enough to be vulnerable.

Not only that, her music has the power to heal you from things you didn’t know hurt you.

She became a phenomenon not just because of her genre-spanning songs, but also her beautiful song writing and the poetry-like lyrics.

A person who is not a fan can mistake her lyrics for a Romantic era poem. Some of her self-written lyrics have even been compared to Shakespeare due to their vivid imagery and bestowing raw emotions in such few words.

Happy birthday!

Taylor Swift loves to reference numbers and inside jokes in music videos. Ever since her debut, Swift has expressed her love for the number 13, referencing the date she was born on in everything she does.

From the number of props in her music videos to the number of tracks on her latest album Midnights, 13 is definitely her lucky number. I mean, she relased evermore (2020) as a gift for fans on her 31st birthday (as 31 backwards is 13).

And should I even start on her birth year?

The album 1989 (2014) exists for a reason. And the fact that 1989 had 10 Grammy nominations and grabbed 3 of them is enough proof.

A poetess in disguise:

This woman really likes to play along with personification and analogies. One such example is in the song happiness from her album evermore (2020):

“Now my eyes leak acid rain on the pillow where you used to lay your head.”

Another one is from Bigger Than The Whole Sky from Midnights (2022):

“Salt streams out my eyes and into my ears.”

Different songs and different contexts, but both lyrics represent the feeling of laying on your side and crying so hard that the tears leave a trail. I mean, how cool is that?!

Another awesome heart-wrenching lyric from Midnights is,

“Give me back my girlhood it was mine first.”

Let me just stand in the corner and scream for a few minutes. Imagine articulating your thoughts exactly into words, that is a superpower right there.

Another reason why she is so loved by her fans (ahem, me) is that she likes to keep them on the edge of their seats. You never know when she will release a single or a short film or even drop an album at midnight without an announcement (I’m looking at folklore and evermore).

Her music videos, posts and even acceptance speeches contain tons of references and easter eggs to other songs and new music. This entertains the Swifties and becomes yet another inside joke that is indecipherable.

A bejeweled year:

Her most recent album, Midnights also occupied all the top 10 spots of the Billboard Hot 100. It became the most streamed album in 24 hours in Spotify history, garnering up more than 150 million streams.

From acting out the stories of her songs elaborately on tours to making the masterpiece that is the bittersweet “All Too Well” short film, Taylor has grown so big.

And now there are even snippets that she is going to direct a full-length feature film. Not only is Taylor multitalented, she knows how to work hard and express her talents.

What’s so special about this year, anyway? Well, there are lots to be happy about! For the record, her 10th studio album “Midnights” was released recently, which broke record after record and really instilled itself as the strongest comeback of Swift after almost two years.

She also won six awards at the AMAs this year, including Artist Of The Year and Favourite Female Artist. She also graduated from New York University with an honorary doctorate degree in fine arts.

Imagine telling your parents that your favourite celebrity is a doctor! Her next tour, The Eras Tour, was also announced this year, which sold over 2.5 million tickets, despite the site getting crashed due to the huge demand.

It already became the highest grossing tour, beating Taylor’s old record, the reputation Stadium Tour (2018).

Taylor Swift at the graduation ceremony of 2022, NYU, at the Yankee Stadium.

In her 2020 documentary, Miss Americana, Taylor mentions that the last chance for her to grab success as a woman in the music industry would be right then (when she was 28).

It was a statement that was disproved later by herself as she won the third Grammy for Album Of The Year the next year, for an album she released in a non-traditional way in her supposed 30s.

So, what is next for Swift?

From becoming a director to getting a doctorate, she has done everything. Naturally, one might expect her to re-record her old albums to make them hers. But with Taylor Swift, we never know what her next move would be.

She could release a brand new album on December 13 or drop the Taylor’s Version albums on New Year’s Day. Let all the Swifties hope for the best, scream the lyrics to Long Live and stay patient!

Happy Reading !

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