We have come across this word a lot of times especially during the pandemic. We are seeing a lot of people who use these words on a daily basis, what exactly is the fuss all about?

A few weeks back, my biomaterials lecturer was teaching about the mechanical properties of biomaterials. We came across a term called “Engineering stress”. When he asked us the meaning of engineering stress, everyone was like, “The stress which each and every engineer undergoes is called engineering stress”.

While it was a good joke to laugh at, it made me think a little. Are we guys too stressed out due to everything that’s happening in our lives? Are we guys just making everything complicated? Or is it the society’s fault?

Stress is a feeling of emotional, mental and physical tension. An event or a thought that makes you feel frustrated and angry and interrupting your day-to-day activities would lead to being stressed.

Stress is a natural response of the body towards a challenge or a demand. Stress can be positive sometimes; it might help someone to excel in whatever they do. Being exposed to high levels of stress could be detrimental for the health of the person.

If you actually think about it, we can really live a good life without any kind of suffering. We don’t have to make a big deal out of anything, we don’t have to comment on people insecurities we don’t have to put others down in order to look cool, but we humans love to complicate everything.

When it comes to stress, we love complicating things using one of the things in which we are well versed, overthinking.

“Is it all in my head?” No, it’s not! You feel what you feel and your feelings are very much real and valid.

Is stress good?

Certain amount of stress pushes a person to be the better version of themselves. Sometimes people tend to work well under pressure and some people end up getting stressed. Even though not being under stress has its own advantages, one cannot taste the fruit of victory whole heartedly unless and until they put in a lot of hard work into it.

You can put in a lot of hard work regardless of being stressed out or not. If something is stressing you out to a pint where it impairs your day-to-day activities, take a step back and think about it!

How to avoid stress?

Some mindfulness practices can be followed by a person in order to feel less stressed out. These practices are listed below!

1. Having an open mind

Stress is defined as the ratio of force and area. No that isn’t the right definition. Maybe having an open mind would increase the area, thereby decreasing the amount of stress. The ability to accept anything and moving on would save a great amount of time and mental peace.

Being open to anything and everything, helps us to see everything in a different point of view. We can put ourselves in the shoes of others and see what its like to think from that person’s perspective, which could avoid a lot of problems.

2. Set adequate boundaries!

Your body and mind know what you want. Your body will always find a way to make you rest eventually if you don’t listen to what your body wants. This could be one of the major factors that contribute to stress. Juggling too many responsibilities could make you feel stressed out and might exhaust you to a point where you can’t proceed with the things you’re interested in.

Creating boundaries with people who drain your mental energy is a healthy way to protect your well-being. Learning to say ‘no’ to certain things you don’t feel like being a part of would really help in the long run.

3. Minimize phone and screen time!

Even though mobile phones, laptop gave become an inevitable part of our lives, it has its own set of drawbacks too. Spending too much time in front of the screen interferes with the sleep cycle and might make you feel stressed.

Plus seeing others on social media, pretending to live the best of their lives and thinking that you don’t get to do anything like that would also increase the stress levels in your body. So, try to minimize the time you spend on social media.

a stressed person

4. Accept yourself and your flaws.

Don’t beat up yourself for the small mistakes you do. Making mistakes is something that makes you a human, as even robots tend to make a lot of mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes, everyone has those days.

The only thing that matters is the fact that we actually learn from those mistakes and see to it that its not repeated. Give yourself some time and learn to self-love and accept yourself amidst of all of your flaws.

If someone else did the same mistake, you’ll forgive them right? So why can’t you treat yourself with the same amount of kindness you shower upon others?

Thus, learn to accept yourself and all of your flaws!

Furthermore, exercising, playing with your pet, practicing self-care, getting more outside, etc could also help in the reliving of stress.

Thus, let’s take an oath to look after us and after the people around us!

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