“Perspective” , When I say perspective , what comes to your mind?

Point of view, right? We may come across many quotes about perspective on Instagram or any social media. But what if I say our whole history is one person’s perspective?

Yes, today we are going to see about the great history of India, “Ramayanam”.  

What is Ramayanam? 

The Ramayanam is a great Hindu mythological story from India. Most of them know about it, but for some, I’ll give you a glimpse.

A great king named Janaka was blessed with a beautiful child from the land god with the help of some rituals. This child, later named Sita, and now our hero of the story, ram, was born to a great king named Dasharatha. Sita married Ram after a huge contest in which Ram won that particular competition.

Our another character of the ramayanam is Ravanan, a great king in Sri Lanka. He was very obsessed with Sita, so he kidnapped her from Ram while they were living in the forest. After that, Ram fought a war against Lanka and won that battle with the help of Hanuman and his brothers. This is the very compressed version of the Valmiki and Kambar story versions.

Ramar with his Wife and his brother and his devotee

What is the problem with this story?  

There is no problem with this story, but what if this story is from the point of view of Valmiki and Kambar? Both of them don’t belong to the same timeline. Then, in what sense are we admitting this? BELIEF, right? You are correct. We can’t go back in time and see what history is.

This is the one perspective of history. But we all forgot one thing. This perspective on history may be right or wrong. We are not sure about this. We are just following the version of the story that is convenient for us. Most of the Hindu mythologies follow this version of the story.

But what if I say there is another version of the story in which no one is a hero and no one is a villain? Yes, there it is.

Let’s see another version of ramayanam.  

The Fable of Bow

Sangathasa’s Ramayanam:  

A poet named Sangathasa wrote a Ramayanam. This version of Ramayanam is mostly followed by the Jain people. This is completely different from the version of Kambar and Valmiki. Now let’s begin the story.

A great king, Ravanan, was blessed with a child. However, according to astrology, this child will be extremely dangerous to Ravanan’s life. Ravanan became afraid, and the child was separated from him. She was brought far away from Ravanan. After that, the king, Janaka, found this child in his kingdom.

A animated image of Ravanan

He was not blessed with a child, so he adopted this child and raised her. Ravanan took notice of everything and was overjoyed that her daughter was happy in another kingdom. Following that, she married another renowned prince, Ram. Ravanan was also happy with this marriage because his girl had married a powerful warrior named “Ram.”

After some manipulative tricks from one of Ram’s stepmothers, he was ordered to go for Vanavas—”a period of 14 years, in which they have to live in the forest, sacrificing their kingdom.” One of his brothers also came with Ram and Sita. But Ravanan was not happy with this. He couldn’t see his daughter’s pain and sacrifice.

So, he kidnapped her and also built a beautiful garden called Nanda Vanam for her. Due to some misunderstanding between ram and ravanan, it caused a battle. War declared against Lanka and Ram won the war.

From this version we can see , Ravanan is a pure heart and a great Tamil king. 


What we understand from these two stories?

The plot of the stories are same. But the perspective of the story was different. Similarly many of us have many perspectives, and if we go too deeply into them, we may lose absoluteness in our lives. So, rather than researching the past, let us build our history in which no perspectives are allowed.

Comment down your favorite version of the story. 

Happy Reading!

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