Reading books is like living a life.

Authors work with hearts and souls to satisfy their reader’s thirst with their majestic words. I bet Kalki is Picasso of the word. I have read many novels in Tamil and English, but no book touched my heart more than Ponniyin Selvan.

Yes, it’s a review by a fangirl. This novel is historical fiction with the perfect blend of bravery, friendship, Vengence, and romance. Initially, this book was released as a series and later was combined into a novel.

There are over thirty-nine characters in the book. It has 293 chapters in total. Being an ambitious reader and fan of the chozha dynasty, I Completed this book in fifteen days.

The story revolves around Vandiyathevan, A brave charming, and a brilliant young man who sets out to Chozhan land to deliver a message from the Crown Prince Adithya Karikalan to the King and the Princess.

The story transit from Vandiyathevan to Arulmozhivarman. Later to Adithya karikalan and Sundara Chozhan. The fascinating part of this book is you could picture each situation narrated by Kalki.

The story begins on aadi peruku ( 18th day of aadi month ) at Veera Narayanan lake and ends at the fort of Sundara chozhan in Thanjavur. The book has numerous sub-stories. Each of them is interrelated. The author specifies the importance and need of the characters through them.

The beauty of Ponniyin selvan is the way; the author balanced the essence of the actors throughout the story.

No character is left halfway. But the story of Nandhini Devi is still a question mark for the readers. Kalki Krishnamurthi has given too many hints to readers to grasp her story. Yet each time you read, you will infer a different meaning.

The whole novel is partitioned into five parts. They are pudhuvelam, suzhal katru, kolai vaal, manimagudam and thiyaga sigaram. The author has connected every story wisely leaving, the reader to drop their jaws down with surprise and anxiety.

Ponniyin Selvan book
The writer has entitled the book with the nickname Raja Raja chozhan ( Arulmozhi varman).

It is said that the king was rescued by the river Ponni, hence he was named after the river. Unlike other novels, Ponniyin Selvan does not have a happy ending. It leaves a deep scar in our hearts at the end.

The dialogues, usage of words, tone, description about death and narration is simply outstanding. You will never forget to recall them even after years.

Fangirl thoughts:

I have read this book more than five times. I could remember each and every chapter, character, and flow sequentially. The irony of this novel is each time you read, you will feel like reading for the first time. You would cherish every scene and at times, you can find yourself there.

Kalki Krishnamurthy has given a huge tressure to mankind.
Kalki Krishnamurthi

I would recommend this to all age groups. If you are a storybook lover. You must try this before you die.


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