The feelings of an individual can be expressed through dance, songs, videos, or even motion pictures. This is known as art – the way of communicating with the world.

Photography is also a way of expression!

Photography is the evolution of art; there was a time were people drew on stones to convey their stories and history. Later it developed into inscriptions and statues, and currently, here we are with photography.

It is not just about capturing random things around us.

Photography is the art of featuring thoughts by pausing the time.

I love admiring art; I’m an artist who loves to brush colorful strokes on canvas. Until the moment I carried the camera in my hands. It was an unplanned day out with my friends to the beach.

As usual, I doodled the moon rise by sitting on the sands. Suddenly my friend handed me the camera to capture a picture of him, covering all my hated thoughts; I focused on him through the lens.

I’m not exaggerating; I felt unusual goosebumps after looking at that scene through the lens. Though I tried to focus on my friend. I only witnessed the mystical rising of a platinum ball from the sea of tiding silver.

Instantly, my index finger pressed the button at that instance. The view through the lens was something beyond explanation. Everybody dropped their jaws down after looking at the photograph.

We spent most of the time on the beach till now, but still, we haven’t witnessed such a magical moment to date. That was the time when the artist in me got evolved. Honestly, that was an unimaginable transition in my life.

One does not need to own a high-end camera to become a photographer. Even a phone camera will click extraordinary pictures. It’s about the angle, object, and light one decides to capture.

Most photographers don’t realize how much nitty-gritty work is required once you turn your passion into a profession. For most of us, it’s 80% business and 20% shooting. This is true for any artist, so you need to be realistic.

Every photographer will have a birth story behind their passion for photography. That stands out to be the soul of the pictures they capture. Everybody who owns a camera cannot be a photographer.

It is the art of pausing moments. Photography may look like an easy job, but according to the layman, it’s a reason to wander across the globe for shooting.

 It requires immense effort, physical fitness, and mental health to capture the best shot.

“Photography is an art of teleporting the past into the future.”

And we, the photographers, shall be proud of every picture we click. Yeah, now I’m a photographer and a traveler wandering across the world to capture different sights.

The life behind the lens is a fantasy.

Photography is not about gaining hearts from others through your social walls. It is a magic spell to live in the past in the present.

I dedicate this blog to all photographers across the globe.


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