In a world full of books, one book that caught my mind thinking and changed my perspective of life is “Life is what you make it”. This book was written by Pretty Shenoy and describes the life of a teenage girl named Ankita.

This story is all about love, hope, and how life, cruelly and coldly snatches things that mean the most to us. It explains how determined and indomitable we should be to overcome whatever destiny throws at us.

Ankita was a good-looking, smart girl, who was doing her studies at a reputed college, had tonnes of friends and boys swooning over her, and excelled in whatever she did. Moreover, She had the world at her feet. But life hit her hard and she ended up as a patient in a mental health institute.

“NEVER BELITTLE IN LOVE” is something I realized after reading this book.

Sometimes, it costs the life of a person and it begins to taunt us for the rest of our lives. And when we lose love, it feels like we have lost a part of ourselves, Forever. If love dies, there is nothing you can do except for enduring the loss. And when you try to overcome it, that’s when your mind becomes your biggest enemy.

Ankita who gets bipolar disorder gets admitted to a mental health hospital and she gets pushed into a situation where she won’t be able to read a children’s book too. But her determination and urge to get back to normalcy made it possible. Even then, the road she thought to be narrow seemed to be twisted.

Her life became even more miserable and her mind became her biggest enemy. The thoughts of her past started taunting her as a failure. And, she overcomes two of her suicide attempts after seeking medical help. Our defeats are magnified in our heads, it makes us focus on what we have lost rather than on what we actually have. Failure hurts. But don’t let these failures define you.

Life is also a great teacher. Life gives you the exams but doesn’t tell you the syllabus. It is up to us to set our own lessons. Life is difficult.

This book helps us in overcoming the debilitating grief of losing someone we hold dear. It is okay to face the grief. Cry if you must. Accept that it exists. And do things that heal your soul. To make our life beautiful we need to find beauty even when there is none. We need to find our own little sops that comfort us.

This book makes us realize that we are the only person who can create our own life.  No one will be able to do this for us. They might walk with us, but they can’t walk for us.

At last “Life is what you make it”  is a lucid read and a good fiction. However, this book has a biographical touch than fiction. Since it was written based on some real-life events. Reading the book felt like living it for me. Trust me, once you pick the book you won’t leave before completing it.

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