“The person with a good lifestyle routine could have been able to lead great life” 

  we often have an interest in the topic “our lifestyle” the lifestyle of you and me are may have huge differences but in certain categories, it could not have a change  

In this blog, we are going to talk about the importance of healthy foods and the impact of smartphones and gaming which causes an evil impact on our life 


  •     India loses 4% of gross domestic product due to childhood malnutrition which is an alarming one and the survey tells that around half of the children are short of nutrients below the age of four 
  • As per (NFHS) The National Family of Health Survey, India is one of the worst-performing countries in the world which causes disaster to our pillars of the nation. 
  • Poverty is the curse of our country which causes malnutrition not only do people who fall into some addiction such as (fast food ), it affects their results in illness and caries various disease
  • Experts say a diet that includes all nutrients like vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, proteins can give you a healthy diet


  • Being lazy is a disease which humans can’t able find any medicine, In this pandemic which might be increased whopping level as result obesity, (as per the research of WHO India has tripled its obesity rate in this pandemic) sometimes it may cause cancer 
  •  Doing any physical exercise for 30-60 minutes a day, could help maintain good health mentally and physically
  • To know what you eat and the cause of the food, eating fast food is not recommended. eat healthily, stay healthy
  • “Laziness is your enemy”
    • – Avul Pakir Jainnulabdeen Abdul Kalam


  •         Smartphones are used by one-third of people worldwide it might be useful. but it collapses the lifestyle of the people accordingly the gamers percentage increased terribly as per gaming federation of India expected to reach in $3billon in 2023 currently, we have $1.2billon mobile gamers in India.
  • As the progress of smartphones may cause grave effects to our body you know( RF energy rays) that come from smartphones affects our sleep and result in sleepiness 
  • Need to develop how to spent a productive day it may have a feel of tasting a bitter fruit but it may change our bittered fruit into the ripened which gives correctness and completeness 
  • lifestyle is not a process that might change our life Building a complete productive lifestyle we have to chuck things that often disturb our Mind 
  •  But a little step forward may impact a huge difference  
  •  Also, you can’t expect the changes in a single day 
  • It’s the process that can test our patience, resemblances, toughness towards our life. A lifestyle that means the way you live is not about doing your routines 


  • you don’t have to be an actor, sportsperson to follow a beneficial lifestyle
  • it’s mandatory for common people to who can get themselves and their family and their surroundings in the good environment 
  •    And do what you love 

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