Have you ever wondered that the people you meet, the activities you do, the emotions you exhibit have created some experiences and impacts in your life? Have you felt that this person brings good vibes whereas that person doesn’t? if so well and good. This article is sculpted for you.

meeting good people brings out good vibes

If you have experienced something like that, then you are under the law of attraction. This is a pseudoscience belief from the New Though spirituality. The law states that positive/negative thoughts create positive/negative impacts.

It is based on some kind of “energy” created from an individual and something of the same polarity attracts each other. This is contrary to that of the magnetic field. However, it is pseudoscience, there is not enough scientific evidence for this.

This can be similar to that of compatibility signs. The one most commonly seen is in Snapchat which predicts compatibility based on star signs. However, this law doesn’t require any sign, it comes on its own. This is how it works.

star sign compatibility

Your thoughts decide your actions. If you think that you would become rich and successful (positive thoughts), the positive energy that you created would attract positive people/opportunities, etc., and ultimately you would turn your thoughts into reality.

The presence of positivity is essential to carry on any work. Motivation is also required which could be obtained when in positive vibes. There are three laws of attraction.

our optimism brings out motivation for us

Like attracts like= as told before, the creation of positive energy within us attracts to positive things.

Nature abhors a vacuum= the nature/environment around us is like a vacuum cleaner that sucks out all negative and bad thoughts. There is always a space around us that cannot be empty. Why not fill it with positivity?

The present is always perfect= this law states that we have to make the present the best by focusing on the energy we harnessed.

Be positive! This is what the law states. If we become positive or optimistic, we can create positive impacts and also induce positivity into others. For example, if we are positive and we work towards our goals and achieve them, other people seeing that develop positivity from you (like motivation, inspiration, etc.)

Attracting, Attraction, Positive, Think
our positivity attracts positive things

This would be something like the give and take policy. A better phrase would do good without expecting good. Don’t have any expectations about the outcome, be optimistic and put in your level best efforts, and in turn, the universe will do something good for you.

According to my, it is better not to have expectations about the outcome. If the outcome is not as expected that would depress us. Instead, it is better to be optimistic and have a good intuition about the process.
If this is to be followed, the process itself brings satisfaction and other positive emotions to us and the outcome wouldn’t affect us that much.

Happiness, Joy, Fresh Air, Liberty
working without expectation provides satisfaction

So on the whole, even though this theory is a pseudoscience and there isn’t much scientific evidence, a lot believe in this law (including me) and this can have a good impact on the lives of many.

Your thoughts become your words…

Your words become your actions…

Your actions become your habits…

Your habits become your destiny…..


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