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Remember the days when we used to study hard for exams? especially on the day before the exam? We achieve sudden growth in terms of productivity and dump stuff inside our brain hoping that we remember whatever we have learnt till the exam ends. The graph would show a sudden increase all of a sudden in terms of how much information we have gathered in just 1 day!

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Speaking of graphs and sudden increase, cut to the present and we are currently in the third wave of Covid in India where cases have started all of a sudden and we are in the midst of yet another semester where we are going to end up with yet another set of online exams. Many students have forgotten the dynamics of actually studying and end up using other sources of information if you know what I mean!!

the sad reality of online exams

Let’s put the craziness aside and see both the bright and dark sides of online exams.

The Bright Side: –

“Woohoo, online exams!! one more time lucky!” might be your instant reaction when you come across the announcement of online exams making a comeback. You go on with your usual life not bothered about anything that comes in your way, somehow get answers, and score well in your exams. Repeat the same process for all the remaining exams and eventually, you are in the league of the most academically proficient students!

A lot of students who study for exams find it difficult to get reference materials and contents in a crisp manner. This is the main problem for medical and engineering students who have to study for exams from huge volumes of books. Don’t worry guys, we have a solution! Doctor29 and Engineer29 are two blogging platforms built to develop content in a crisp manner, reducing the search efforts and study time for the students.

Now anyone who had done this would have found the bright side relatable. But is it the correct way forward in the future? Maybe, maybe not.

Let’s now flip the switch and look at the dark side.

The Dark Side: –

Let’s now imagine the negative effects of the above situation. The exams are going to be held online, you score high marks! BUT AT WHAT COST?!

Do you think that this might help you in your future when you sit in front of an interviewing officer when you want to get a job? Since you haven’t studied for your exams, you haven’t gained the knowledge that is required in the real world. We all know that marks are not the only thing that is required to get a job. Your skills will be thoroughly tested to determine your position in a particular company.

skills play an important role in company

So, you will end up regretting that you should have studied when the exams were being held so that whatever you have learnt would have given you an opportunity to work at the place you wished for.

Now that we have seen both sides, it is up to the student to decide his choices and move forward.

Here are some tips to help you make the best out of your time at home because you have way more time to focus on other aspects instead of just studying for your boring exams!

  1. Do some research on the upcoming opportunities in your field of study

Every field has its own opportunities to be explored. So, browse around or ask your seniors about what are the upcoming topics to be explored. This will greatly improve your knowledge and separate you from the competition since you are exploring content outside of what is being taught in your college.

  • Improve your communication skills: –

“Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity” – Nat Turner

If you want to make a good impression on your recruiter, make sure you convey it in the right way!

  • Learn from the experts: –

There is no way that you won’t come across an expert in your own field! Try using social media sites like LinkedIn to get to know experts and professionals. The key is to gain knowledge as these people have experienced it from their own experiences so they know what they are talking about. Also, try to use YouTube to get tips and strategic advice on the same.

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If you have already come across these tips and are already executing these, good job! You will be proud of yourself. If not, try to implement these ones by one every single day for a long time and you will be shocked at the amount of growth you have achieved.

On that note, I conclude by saying that the future is key! Don’t just focus on the present! Small things can pile up and become a large entity if they are consistent. Similarly, if you learn a few topics irrespective of your exam topics or general stuff, eventually you will have a ton of knowledge at your disposal to a point where you will start laughing when you come across people using unfair means to score marks in exams.

All the best for your exams 🙂

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