Water. Probably the most valuable thing available at free of cost. Many people refer to water as “The Elixir Of Life”. But do we really treat it as such a valuable treasure? Do we recognise the ultimate importance of water? 

March 22 has been accepted and celebrated as World Water Day globally. Many lectures, rallies, parades and other socially involving activities related to water conserving are familiar across many institutions on this day. Apart from that, We need to take some serious steps to preserve the greatest gift a man can possess.

Talking about it for a day and returning back to routine ways is not going to make any changes in the water levels. We must preserve it beyond our boundaries for the wellness of our future generation.

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We all know that only 2% of total water available on this earth is freshwater. Over the past 40 years the world’s population has doubled while water use has quadrupled. Overall, the world is using 9,087 billion cubic meters of water per year. China, India and the U.S. consumed the highest annual totals: 1,207 billion, 1,182 billion and 1,053 billion cubic meters, respectively.

It is the one source that cures the thirst of this entire world. If it continues to be wasted at the same rate as of now, then we are closing in for a major water scarcity across the whole world within quite a few years.  

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Every major change has always begun with a single step. Apart from the many common ways of saving water, we are going to see some simple yet efficient ways of water conserving.

1. Check for water leaks:

Water leaks have been the biggest enemy for the shortage of water. One broken sprinkler head could waste up to 25,000 gallons of water over a 6 month irrigation season. It is those little drops of water which leads us to a serious concern. It is better to prevent the water leaks rather than waiting for it to stop automatically. Most replacement parts used in plumbing works are cheap and easy to fix. By using this small act of repairing the leaks in your own home, we are able to save millions of gallons of water worldwide. 

2.Use shower instead of pools:

Using nozzle showers for bathing rather than using pools or other means can save huge amounts of water from wastage. The average pool takes 22,000 gallons of water to fill and loses about 1,000 gallons of water every month only due to evaporation. A four-minute shower, which is pretty enough for a bath, uses approximately 20 to 40 gallons of water. By cutting of the shower when we are rinsing with soap can save many gallons of water which can be used for future use.

3.Recycle Your Water Where You Can:

Recycle every drop of water wherever it is possible. One of the most effective methods of water recycling is, using the rinse water of dishes from food preparation to soak and wash the other materials used for food. This water can later be used to treat plants and domestic animals like cow, goats which can gain nutrients and minerals even from the slightest of resources available.

4.Use Hose when washing things:

Rather than using a pile of water to wash and clean up things, we can use a hose fitted to a nozzle with tiny pores for things like car washing, roof cleaning, etc. This can save roughly about 100 Gallons of water every month. Waterless cleaning equipment such as vacuum cleaners can also be used for maximum cleaning experience.

It is in our hands to protect and safeguard nature’s greatest treasures our mother earth has given to us. As our title suggests, It is the responsibility of each and everyone of us to decide whether it’s now or never should we decide to change our way of living for the betterment of future generations.

Thank You!

Save Water, Save Life

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