The world today is being dominated by machines. We can’t imagine a day without machines. Innovations and inventions are taking place to improvise the existing machines to comfort humans. The core purpose of machines is to ease the work of humans.

What is lifestyle disorders ?

Astonishingly, this ‘innovation’ thingy has gone too far, making humans lazy in due process. The evolution of machines has resulted in the evolution of a new set of diseases. These are called lifestyle disorders and are mainly due to the changes/imbalances in the lifestyle.

This blog is a quick walkthrough of some of the lifestyle disorders and ways to overcome them.

Diabetes and its types.

The first one we encounter is diabetes, also known as sugar intolerance. Every single person in this world is aware of this condition. In medical terminology, it is called hyperglycemia (increase in blood sugar level). This disorder is of prime importance these days and is of big hype in the biomedical industry where researchers are working on diagnosis and treatment.

The pancreas secretes insulin that reduces the blood sugar level. If this insulin level drops off, then sugar level shoots up leading to diabetes.

You can ask in what way this is related to lifestyle. Some important causes of diabetes (especially type-2) are obesity and inactivity. These produce insulin resistance and contribute to diabetes. The best way to overcome this condition is diet and physical exercise. Reducing the weight removes the causative agent for the disorder.


The next on the list is hypertension. This is commonly known as high BP. We all know that the heart pumps out the blood. The heart pumps it out with pressure and this travels throughout the blood vessels.

The pressure exerted onto the walls due to blood flow is called blood pressure. In some cases of emotional arousal, the nervous system kicks in and increases the pressure.

One of the main emotions that increase BP is stress. People in recent times are stressing out a lot, especially in the IT sector. If this occurs regularly, it might not be good for the body.

Hypertension is one of the leading causes of many cardiovascular diseases. One best remedy is to reduce the stress. Inspired by this motive, many gadgets like the sponge ball, fidget spinner, and so on have been developed.

Heart disease

The last one on our tour is heart disease. This is a bit vague terminology, but I don’t want to bore you with medical terminologies (I know that I already did it!). There is a wide range of cardiac diseases, but most of them originate from a block in blood vessels and the imposter is cholesterol (especially bad one (LDL)).

It slowly deposits on the walls and gradually over time blocks the vessel. If the blood vessel was meant to supply blood to the heart and it became blocked, then that portion of the heart dies leading to a heart attack. If it is in the brain, it leads to stroke.

In all these three cases, we would have observed that changes in lifestyle had led to these complications. Hence it is essential to have a balanced lifestyle in order to overcome/prevent these diseases.

There are two components to leading a healthy lifestyle. They are diet and physical activity.

There are a lot of varieties of diets available like paleo, keto, vegan, and so on, but I won’t suggest any of them. Eat whatever you want, but make sure that your food has a balance of nutrients like carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Add fruits and vegetables to your diet and make sure to drink plenty of water since it contains essential electrolytes for conduction.

Another aspect is your physical activity. It is not essential that all people join the gym in order to be physically active. Some tweaks in our daily life can make us physically active. Taking the stairs instead of a lift, walking/cycling in nearby regions instead of using a bike are some instances where we can be physically active.

Machines are for the betterment of humans, but we must not completely rely on them. There is another reason for these diseases to be named lifestyle diseases. The reason is that these diseases can be treated by lifestyle modifications.

If we take a diet that is balanced in all nutrients and inculcate physical activity into our lives, we can prevent ourselves from an array of diseases.

Consider this as my advice and lead a healthy lifestyle!

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