This blog begins with an anecdote of Gautama Buddha:



Once Buddha was in his place, his followers approached him saying that they wanted to buy new clothes as their old ones shred. They wanted Buddha to grant permission to purchase new outfits. As Buddha was chanting, they didn’t want to disturb. Later, he called them and instructed them to wear the same for a few more days. As the days pass by, the cloth was unfit to wear, and again they approached Buddha by showing the condition of the cloth.

This time he told them to use that for mopping, and they used it for many days, even during the next visit he told them to do the same. At last, the cloth has been shredded completely, so no more of it can be used. Then Buddha took up a decision, to use that torn one as a wick in oil lamps. He also preached that we need to know the importance of everything in our lives adding that he told that nothing should get waste we need to utilize them until it turns into ashes. So the followers did the same and with this, we can also add one more quote,

“LUXURY & LIES have huge maintenance costs. But… TRUTH & SIMPLICITY” are self-maintained” without any cost.


Many great leaders like Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, Kamarajar, Lal Bahadur Sastri are known for their simplicity. Further adding the simplicity of Dr, A.P.J Abdul kalam, he is known as people’s president. Nowadays, many political leaders have lots of wealth during their period or of the period. Whereas Kalam had 4 shirts out of which one was DSRO uniform three suits in which it was 1 western and 2 Indian, 6 pants out of which 2 was DSRO uniforms, around 2500 books, one flat which he donated to orphans, one Padma Shri, one Padma Bhushan, one Bharat Ratna, 16 doctorates, and he had a Twitter account and one mail ID.

Adding to it, he had no bank balance, TV, car, shares, or any jewelry. He donated his 8 years pension to develop his village. He made a note that I am the richest person of having 56 crores of students, they are my biggest assets. From the above-listed words, we can clearly see how important it is to have a lifestyle with good survival. Many of our leaders have been great path winders, young generation should come forward to engage themselves in building up their lifestyle. Nowadays, many people think lifestyle is nothing but how we live, but it’s not that way or having a good bank balance.

It is how we present ourselves in front of the community, it is when people recognize you in the list of simplicity and wellness. “Find a purpose to serve, not a lifestyle to live”. Also, we need to know the reason for our land. Always we need to remember that “Have a love for your inner Self and everything else is done for you.”

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