Whenever a scoop of ice cream is placed on a bowl, we can automatically see people’s faces brightening and their mouths drooling. Ice cream is one such comfort food with zero haters. There are numerous flavors available in this delicacy and there are people who bring innovation to this delicacy.

Icecream, Dessert, Chocolate, Vanilla

Innovative and intriguing flavors like pepper, curry, pizza flavors, and so on. Also, there are innovations and different options in serving the dish like ice-cream rolls, ice-cream sandwiches, and fried ice-cream, and so on. The possibilities and combinations for this delight are endless and there are fans for each type.

However, the body doesn’t like this delicacy as the mouth likes. On the contrary, the body doesn’t like ice cream as our mouth likes. This article pops out the ill effects of the guilty pleasure.

High in calories

mostly avoid high-calorie foods

This food can be the villain for the fitness freaks especially those who are in the motive of reducing their weight. The ice cream alone is rich in sugars and fats from the milk, sugar, and other products involved in its production. In most cases, the ice cream is not served alone; it may come with a variety of toppings and sauces which can add oil to the fire. So this food can deviate them from their goals and it is suggested to avoid them as much as one can.

Impairs digestion
A lot of people have ice cream after a heavy lunch or dinner just to end the meal on a sweet note. This habit is not good for the digestive system. Generally, the core body temperature rises after a meal. The core temperature refers to the temperature of the internal organs.
There is an essential degree of temperature for each organ to carry out its function. So the temperature rises after a meal in order to carry out the digestion process in the stomach and intestines. The ice cream being cool in nature can disrupt the process.

Ice-cream headache
This is one of the peculiar symptoms seen in the consumption of ice cream. The brain freeze is also known as the ice-cream headache is an intense and sharp pain occurring in the head due to the consumption of cold food.
This is not a big problem and this subsides within some time. But there are cases where this can result in severe persisting headaches and this can be detrimental for people with sinus and migraine problems.

Enemy for diabetics

sweet in general is an enemy for diabetics

As mentioned earlier, this food is rich in sugars and this can be enemies for diabetics. There are high chances that the blood sugar levels can peak up and cause pose life-threatening situations for them.
Apart from this, there are increased chances for CVR (cardiovascular risk) due to the excess amounts of cholesterol which is the primary cause for fat deposition in blood vessels.

fat deposition in blood vessels leading to CVR

On the whole, ice cream is an unhealthy food mainly due to its high fat and sugar content. This can cause some serious problems when taken on a regular basis. Consuming ice cream once in a while is not a problem at all.
So slurp down a bowl of ice cream without worrying about the side effects but make sure not to make it a habit.

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