Are you the person who wants beauty products without any harmful chemicals? Do you want to get beauty naturally without any side effects? Then this blog is a must-read for you guys. Beauty without affecting health has now become a trend. Many people are getting aware of the ill effects of consuming beauty products with chemicals.

Now, most are switching to the healthier side. Even the big players in the beauty industry are tagging their products as “chemical-free”, “harm-free” etc. This blog is about a vitamin that is so useful for beauty. In fact, this vitamin is titled the ‘beauty vitamin’ due to its role in bringing beauty naturally.

It is none other than Vitamin E. Some might already know about this, a yellow/green slimy capsule supplement that would be present in many houses. The chemical name for vitamin E is tocopherol. This is a fat-soluble vitamin and exists in multiple
forms. However, there is only one form that the body accepts, which is alpha-tocopherol.

This vitamin was first discovered in 1922, when researchers found that this compound was essential for animals to hatch out
from the eggs.

It was named tocopherol, a Greek word meaning to give birth. Vitamin E is so common, it is present in almost all food items. Vitamin E deficiency is so rare due to its availability in foods. The following foods contain Vitamin E.
• Oils
• Sunflower and pumpkin seeds
• Almond, walnut, peanut
• Beetroot
• Greens
• Mango
• Capsicum

I don’t want to bore you with the chemical formula and properties of Vitamin E. What is more useful for us is its
medicinal benefits. So, let’s dive into that. Vitamin E is best known for preventing skin damage. The most prominent are UV rays and free radicals.

They are like assassins, they find and kill free radicals, hence preventing damage, reducing the occurrence of stretch marks, and improving the nutrient supply to the target area, enhancing its properties. It is an anti-oxidant and anti-in flammant. So, it also prevents oxidative stress and inflammation. It prevents the formation of scars, a healing process that occurs after inflammation. In short, it prevents the formation of any bruise on the skin.

Vit-E helps in immunity

Vitamin E is also known for relieving headaches and migraine problems. The capsules can be boiled in water and their vapors are a good solution for headaches. Apart from relieving headaches, it opens up pores in the skin and also moisturizes them.
Vitamin E is not only for improving beauty, it also improves health simultaneously.

Tocopherol is essential for maintaining good cardiovascular health. They are vasodilators (relax and widen blood vessels) and play an important role in battling atherosclerosis and cardiac aneurysms. It protects the body from several allergic reactions by inhibiting the release of histamine, a chemical mediator responsible for inducing allergy.

There are even more health benefits for Vitamin E. The plus point is that all of these are available at a nominal rate. It is available naturally in most foods, apart from that the capsules are also cheap. The main advantage is that there are no or fewer negative reports on this vitamin.

Vitamin E, Capsule, Healthy, Supplement

There is no reported case of toxicity and fewer cases of side effects when taken in high concentrations. The
the following table shows the recommended limits of Vitamin E per day age-wise.

Age group recommended dose
0-6 months= 4 mg
7-12 months =5 mg
1-3 =6 mg
4-8 =7 mg
9-13 =11 mg
14-18 =15 mg
19+ =100 mg
Pregnant =15 mg

On the whole, Vitamin E is an all-in-one package, loaded with many benefits and very few hazards. Hope this article would have been beneficial to those who want to follow healthy beauty.


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