MBTI- Understanding how unique you are!

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Have you ever felt out of place? Do you feel like there’s no one to understand you? Have you ever felt so lost and alone even though you are surrounded by people?

We’ve seen people on Instagram say “Self-care is important, self-love is a must!” But how can we love ourselves when we don’t even know about ourselves. We’ve always lied to our brain, making it believe whatever others say about us. We’ve always cared about what society wants and thinks, but we never asked that question to ourselves even once. So how can we love ourselves when we are put into a mold or a box and we start enjoying being inside the box without knowing whether we’re faking it or not?

The answer is simple. When you start to analyze yourself and discover parts of yourself that you haven’t seen before, you’ll start falling in love with yourself. MBTI type indicator is a tool that helps you to analyze yourself and understand parts of yourself that you haven’t discovered yet.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator totally has 16 types of personalities. Each personality is a combination of pre-existing types, for example, the introverts and the extroverts. These sub-personality types are denoted by an alphabet, for example, I for introverts and E for extroverts.

To see in which category you belong, you can start by asking yourself these simple questions:

1. Does interreacting and meeting new people drain your social battery or charge your social battery? If your answer is “drain your social battery”, you’re an introvert. If your answer is “charge your social battery”, you’re an extrovert. Assign yourselves the alphabet ‘I’ if you are an introvert and “E” if you are an extrovert.

2. Do you take in information as it is or do you search for subtle hints inside it? If your answer is “Take in information as it is”, you’re a sensor and it is denoted by alphabet “S”. If your answer is “Search for subtle hints”, you’re intuitive and it is denoted by “I”.

3. Before making a big decision, do you think about it logically and practically or do you listen to your gut feeling and take that decision accordingly? If your answer is “Think about it logically”, it means you’re a thinker and it is denoted by alphabet “T” and if your answer is “Listen to your gut feeling”, it means you’re a feeler and it is denoted by the letter “F”.

4. Do you like to plan stuff before doing it and like to stay organized or do you prefer to go with the flow? If your answer is “Like to plan stuff”, you’re a judge and it is denoted by the letter “J”. If your answer is “Prefer to go with the flow”, it means you’re a perceiver and it is denoted by the letter “P”.

We totally have 8 letters here and if you put it in combinations of 4, then you’ll get 16 types. The rarest type is the INFJ and the least rare type is the ISFJ.

How does this MBTI typing help?
For example, if you are an introvert and you didn’t know about it, seeing your extrovert friend may make you feel like you have something wrong with you which may lead to internal and external conflicts, disturbing your peace of mind. Thus MBTI is a great tool to understand yourself.

Make sure to take care of yourself!!!

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