“A cool person is generally someone whose attitude and behaviors are composed but seen as uniquely their own” ~Dr. Julie Gurner

Coolness is about accepting who you are and being kind to all. A really cool person is calm, polite, helpful, perfect, respectful, and responsible. Most importantly they are unique. Even if their opinion/perception is wrong, they won’t be stubborn. It’s their way, knowing the difference between right and wrong. And if they make a mistake they have the courage to admit it.

“Coolness really comes from within”

Cool people have elite character. They truly respect themselves and the people around them. The cloth makes you look cool. But how about your character?

There are several steps to get there.
⦿Own way

Have faith in yourself. Trust in your own judgment, capacities, and abilities. It’s about valuing yourself and feeling worthy. Accepting your faults, flaws and everything about you makes you more comfortable. Take pride in your look and appearance. It says a lot about who you are.

Own way:
Do things that you want to do rather than what other people expect you to do. So don’t fall in line just because someone tells you to do. Go with your own way and make it unique.

Be thankful to everyone. Always be ready to show appreciation and return kindness. Giving thanks can make you happier. When people are grateful, they don’t think about the negative part of life. They only see the glory days. Be happy with whatever you have got and that will make you feel cool.

Be patient and tolerate/accept the problems. Stay calm while you are waiting for an outcome despite the difficulties.
Behaving impatient and letting your frustration will never make you look in control. So learn to remain calm.

Don’t be proud of yourself. Have a modest estimate of your importance.
Humble people handle stress more effectively and they have higher levels of physical and mental well-being.

Maintain self-disclosure. Don’t reveal more information about yourself to another. It may be your feelings, goal, fears, success, and dreams, or your favorite, likes, and dislikes. The more you disclose yourself the better you understand yourself.

Be friendly with everyone. Show and express your liking, goodwill, or trust. Care for everyone as well as for yourself and be a good listener.

People having these traits tend to be more likely to be cool. There are few do’s and don’ts followed in being a cool person. Here are some


➛Be yourself and love yourself. It is more important than anything
➛Be unique by having a unique style
➛Laugh at yourself. That’s better than others laughing at you
➛Be well-mannered.
➛Be a good conversationalist. Make other people feel important
➛Use humor. Crack funny jokes whenever possible.
➛Speak confidently and clearly. Project good body language
➛When people are disrespectful to you, ignore them
➛Keep yourself in good shape and carry good energy around you.
➛Treat everyone as equal and be nice to everyone.
➛The only competition for you is yourself. So work on improving yourself.
➛Be curious and learn things
➛compliment people. That makes others happy


➛Don’t be afraid to be different
➛Don’t be desperate. Try solving your problems by yourself.
➛Don’t tell the first person all about your life quickly.
➛Don’t go in uncomfortable clothes
➛Don’t seek attention
➛Don’t judge people

To summarize, Light on the mood, love yourself, and keep going.

Hope you got some cool points to be cool ; )


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