We all know that India is known for its cultural heritage. It is a beautiful country that is diversified into many religions, castes, communities, and languages. But, there is one thing that brings the whole nation under a single roof. It is that 22 Yards that creates a lovely bond between 1.38 billion people. Cricket is not just a sport in India. It is way more than that. It has been a part of the life of each and every single person in India. Some of us even think of Cricket as the National Game of India, which is actually Hockey. The sport has been ruling the hearts of Indian people for decades.

The Country has produced great cricketing talents from all the parts of the country. This game also stands as a symbol of respect. Every Indian street will contain a wall painted with three stick-like symbols which mark the stumps played. Some of the hardcore fans even portray their favorite players as equal to god. As we all know, Even the “God of Cricket” belongs to our nation. Players like Sachin, Dhoni, Kohli, Ganguly, Yuvraj and many more are being idolized by the young lads of our country.

Cricket is always filled with passion and sportiveness.

The game itself had diluted its emotions in the blood of the Indian people. Their support towards the sport and the respect towards the players is always unimaginable. Many talents are now getting trained to fill the shoes of their idols. The sport had given a lot of unforgettable memories to them. The first World Cup win in 1983, Inaugural T20 Cup in 2007 and the end for 28 – year wait for the World cup win are the moments that will never be forgotten by the people. The sport has an emotional connection with people of all ages.

The Indian Premier League, which is one of the toughest T20 leagues in the world is celebrated like a festival. The sportive rivalries between the teams had always been a treat to watch for the people. It had always been a source of motivation for the younger generation. No matter in what mood you are. Just switch to youtube and see some old matches, you will like relaxed. The game always carries strong emotions. No matter how big the rivalry is, the game and players never failed to show respect towards opponents. The game always carries passion in it. It will always be an integral part of the country’s vast culture. Let’s all celebrate the game to the fullest.

The game is rooted well in their hearts.

Let us all continue to celebrate the game of respect and shall always cheer for our favorite team without spoiling the other teams. Let us encourage our country’s future talents to reach the highest stage.

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