Let’s use this pandemic time.
Let’s spend time with our family and loved ones.
Let’s do your favorite activity.
Let’s follow your passion.
Let’s prepare ourselves for something,
Let’s shape ourself
Let’s use this place
Let’s dirt our hands with mud

Do you know? With every new hand’s form, there is a need for more food. The population is on the running staircase. The demand for vegetables increased by double the population. Over the pandemic period, there has been growing interest in consuming organic and fresh vegetables or directly FROM THE SOIL ON TO THE KITCHEN.

C’mon, let us try home gardening…
Where Small-scaled production of vegetables, rearing and caring of animals for proper supply, demand and consumption are taken into consideration. Utilitarian items are either not obtainable, affordable, or readily available through retail markets, field cultivation, hunting, gathering, fishing, and wage-earning.

The strategy to cope with the infected vegetable is HOME GARDENING. That posses
High nutritional value
Easy handling
In a Nutshell, 5 problems have one solution: HOME GARDENING.

Home gardens are an integral part of local food systems and the agricultural landscape of developing countries all over the world and have endured the test of time.
It is evident from the literature that home gardens are a part of the agriculture and food production systems in many developing countries and are widely used as a remedy to alleviate hunger and malnutrition in the face of a global food crisis.

Why home gardening?
Occupies small space
Socio-economic favorable
Poor people small gardening

Home gardening basic requirement
Check the soil
Look for the watering facility
Prefer seasonal seeds

Grab basic gardening tool
Prepare the soil
Study seasons
Prefer plants that can grow in a small place

If required, be ready for the plastic to cover
Plant it out
Garden beds
Love & care for them.

Benefits of home gardening
Fresh vegetable at your doorstep
Utilize your time in a positive way
Involve every family member of the house.

Knowledge for gardening increases
Love for plants gets deeper.
Build your own dream garden
Detox-free veggies
Stay grounded

Compost your waste
Cheap & easy
Recycle & reuse
Environment friendly

Health friendly
Clean air
Positive atmosphere
Aesthetic matters

Home Gardening

Our Rose plantation, My Father
My father is a businessman. He is a very busy kind person but when it comes to his garden he leaves all his work aside and jumps onto the field. Every day he spends around 2 hours on the field taking care of the seeds that he grew. He spares time for his gardening anyway, so sometimes we even miss our important work.

His love for plants grew when he was 6 years old. My father used to visit his farm with my Grandpa to look for the sugarcane plantation. Being brought up in a middle-class family he couldn’t manage to have his own garden at that time. We have a number of varieties of plants in our garden you may fail to distinguish between.

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