“The idea of beauty is always shifting”
Ellen DeGeneres once explained that “Beauty is about being comfortable in your skin. It is about knowing and accepting yourself”. It is also defined as “A combination of qualities, such as shape, color or form that pleases the aesthetic senses especially the sight”. To put it short, “Beauty is the manifestation of love in the form”

Why beauty is important?
Beauty is so important to cultivate beauty in yourself. It makes you and your soul happy. It aligns you with nature. And it indirectly shows our passion and aspiration.
“Beauty is only skin deep”

We put up makeup products on our faces and we go to the gym to make ourselves pretty. This physical beauty is only for society. Our internal beauty is enough for us. Though, we should be aware of the beauty products we use. There are so many beauty product brands that use the worst chemical products. These chemicals harm our skin and spoil our original beauty in our old age. Keeping our health in check must be our top priority. So let’s look into something that maintains our beauty forever and that is good for our health.

In this era, many women as well as men devote more amount of time and money to choose and apply makeup products for themselves. In recent times, advanced research includes Biotechnology in the field of beauty products.
Here, Bio(Biology) means naturally derived and Tech(Technology) means chemistry.

These Biotech beauty products are commonly made from bacteria, yeast, algae. The lab-grown actives are naturally derived. All these ingredients are made through the process called Biosynthesis. These genetically altered ingredients help to improve the beauty of a person without harming his/her health. These stem-cell-based products and therapies help in regenerating our cells and aging tissues.

The natural active ingredients derived from plants have become an integral part of cosmetics. Unlike other cosmetic products, Biotech skincare ingredients have the advantage of being 100% free of pesticides. They do not affect the environment and health. In fact, beauty products that are made from biosynthetic ingredients are safest compared to other normal beauty products. Many people are seeking ways to balance their skin microbiome naturally with biotic fermented ingredients.

Natural beauty is the best beauty. Anything which is natural is too healthy. Natural beauty had its own cuteness. It never needs any makeup. It is unique and it has a divine grace.
“Everyone is born naturally Beautiful”
Nature gives the most precious ingredients to nourish our bodies without harmful chemicals. Let’s see some eco-friendly ways to nourish our beauty.

➡ Drink more water
It is the first thing to keep our skin fresh and young.

➡ Oil as a moisturizer
Coconut oil is the best lip moisturizer. It also protects our skin from aging. Olive oil is delicious as well as it works as a good moisturizer for dry skin

➡ Natural face scrub/face pack
Instead of buying artificial face products, make your own face pack and face scrub. Coconut oil, turmeric powder, tomato, aloe vera , and honey make the best skin. Other ingredients like coffee grounds, curd (yogurt), and oats also work fine to nourish the beauty.

➡ Don’t skip food
These days most people skip breakfast. It’s not good for healthy skin. Breakfast is more important for skin health. Do not miss your breakfast and keep your stomach empty.

The confidence with which we carry ourselves makes us more beautiful. It is our inner peace that influences beauty. So if you want to maintain healthy beauty, keep your stress aside and make yourself happy. It improves your beauty indirectly!

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