I’ve often wondered why men’s day isn’t as widely honored as women’s day. And I have yet to get a single response to this. Isn’t it unjust?

It certainly is!

The term “equality” refers to the distribution of the same power and rights to all. Do you believe men and women have equal rights and liberties? I present to you.

You people respond!

As a kid, I heard my grandmother telling my brother not to show his emotions. And whenever he cried, someone would tell him, “BE A MAN. STOP CRYING.”

And whenever he talks about his emotions, people will point to him, “You are so sensitive, Be a man.”

So, being a man entails having a cold heart?

People mature!

Men have feelings, too. They, too, have a four-chambered heart that beats continually. And they, too, have the right to cry and express their feelings.


We tell people not to evaluate people based on their appearance. But why do we criticize men based on their favourite color? I rarely see males wearing pink T-shirts, despite their love of the color! And the reason for this is that “males never wear pink dresses.

And, here comes the nail paint! I do have male friends who like to wear black nail polish. If they do so, they will be told, “You are a man. why are you having this?”

Isn’t their choice on whether or not to have it?

It is not our place to interfere with their decisions or to judge them for that. And there is no rule book that tells men what they should and should not do.

Men experience depression. Males are sexually abused and assaulted. Men confront challenges. Men are subjected to numerous stresses.

The only thing they haven’t done is, “commented on the hard times they go through.” And if they do, they are told, “men don’t complain“.

This isn’t just a job for men to help them deal with family stress. They are not the only ones to blame for the economic downturn in the family. Let us also show equality here too!

To all the men out there:

Don’t be afraid to speak your mind. And don’t shut up when you really should be speaking. This is your life. And you have all rights to do whatever you like.

To all the amazing men out there, happy Men’s Day!

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