Probably one of the most heard words of the past 2 years is COVID. This dangerous and harmful virus is increasing the fear of danger within us day by day. We are so much depressed considering the current and future trends of this virus.
But, there is no need to worry if we are going to cover all the necessary steps to escape this critical situation. No virus or negative thing is powerful than a positive mindset.

Social distancing is the first and foremost way to stop the spread of this virus. This is a very much important step to overcoming the COVID – 19. Be distanced from the people around you. Avoid unnecessary contact with people. Go out only if it is required. Avoid tours to different places for a short span of time. Keep a
distance of 3-6 Feet in public places.

Keep distance and wear masks wherever needed.

Food habits should be tracked consciously. Please take healthy foods rather than junk foods. Avoid processed foods like chips, coke, etc. for a little period. Take fruits as the primary source of nutrients and vitamins. Intake of liquor should be cut in half or not consuming it is very much appreciable. Food that contains more iron content is very much recommended.

Sanitation is one of the primary and best ways to get rid of Covid-19. Regularly sanitize yourself as well as your surroundings. Cleanliness should be reviewed every day. The Public places should be regularly sanitized and necessary steps to avoid the contact of the people must be implemented. Sanitizer should be kept in places where there are large movements of people.

Both physical and mental health should be in perfect harmony to lead a happy life. Spend time with your family and friends. Take your time off the screen for a while. Involve in mind-chilling activities like playing, gardening, cleaning, etc.
Don’t waste your time on mobile phones for unwanted or brain-spoiler things. Read books and develop the knowledge of the world around you. Spend your time on your favorite and harmless hobbies.

Keep yourself fit and healthy.

“All Indians are my brothers and sisters”. This is a thing we are reciting for many years. Kindly help people around you without any future expectations. Every man or woman in this world is dependent on other people. Try to help the poor people at your societal level. Form Self-Help Volunteer groups and help for those who are in need of help.

COVID Situation cannot be controlled by YOU or ME. It can only be brought down to control by US. Let us be united while being separated. We should live in a brotherhood and help each other without any hesitations. Help is a help, no matter the level of help. We all should strive for equality and positivity to overcome these inconvenient times. We all should promise to help each other and make this COVID- 19 disappear from our lifestyle and make this planet a better and harmless place to live

Happy Reading!

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