“Paris isn’t a city it’s a world” an alluring statement from Francis I. It indeed is a world filled with music, fashion, arts, food, love, and whatnot. The ambience and the vibe you get there just makes you fall in love with the city. Once you are in the city, you will never get the heart to leave from there. You will be astonished by the breathtaking views of the architectures, the appealing and appetizing food that keeps your mouth drooling.

But the specialty of Paris lies in its monuments, the Louvre Museum, Arc De Triomphe, Seine River, Disney land are some of the must-visits. Hey guys, did you forget the G.O.A.T monument, the Eiffel Tower?! The first thing that strikes our mind when we think about Paris is the Eiffel Tower.

The 1063ft tall tower floating above the Paris landscape happens to be one of the most famous monuments in Paris. The beauty of the Eiffel Tower is that wherever you are, the tower catches your eye. In the night, the Eiffel tower sparkles in golden light every 5 minutes for each hour, adding beauty to beauty, making hearts flutter.

According to the architecture, there are three floors. But according to me, there are three stages of elegance in the Eiffel tower. You get to explore each floor getting stunned by the unique kind of view, and the adrenaline pumps up you get once you reach the top of the tower; things are just unexplainable. This is indeed a feast to the eyes. Also, you can give a feast to the mouth from the Jules Verne with some great cuisines.

Even though the Eiffel tower makes us mind-blowing; it was once hated. Can you believe it!! it’s true; initially, when the tower was built, people protested it mentioning that it would ruin the beauty of Paris. The monument proved them wrong and now it turns out to be one of the most visited paid monuments.

It is said that the chief Ingredient in divine food is Love, and the food in Paris proves that the French people will never be little in love. Well, is there a city full of must-have foods, yes there is and it is called Paris. The food, the shopping, and the view! Paris is a city that entrances us all and I’m no exception.

There is a scientific fact that the air contains 78% nitrogen. But in Paris the air is filled with the smell of food completely, making one indulge in some exemplary food out there, like the croissants (kva·sawng) which might be difficult to pronounce. Don’t give work to the mouth to spell it, give work to the mouth to devour it! Just imagine having a croissant with a hot chocolate along with the Eiffel tower view in front of you, It feels surreal right!

Apart from the food and the buildings that make you fall in love, the way people greet “Bonjour”, makes your heart warm. And I can guarantee that you can experience the phrase “Music is in the air” once you are in Paris. You will see some good buskers in the streets of Paris.

Even though we enjoyed Paris through walking, this isn’t the best way to explore the city. What are you for real? This is what you guys might think. The ultimate merriment is in the waters. Get yourself into a boat and give your eyes a treat by watching the city’s view from the Seine River.

As you make yourself walk through the love locks on the Seine bridge, even a stone-hearted person starts to fall in love. Even the pigeons there will be dancing, pecking, and mounting each other. It’s the city of love for the birds too.

I can bet that even a bad day in Paris is far better than a good day anywhere. And as people say It’s difficult to forget your first love, and for me, that’s Paris, the love I will never forget in my life.

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