“Love is in the air!” Oops, sorry. Its actually love is in food. Candles, low lighting, subtle music; are these what you call love and romance? Definitely not !

Did anyone imagine tearing the parotta, bathing it in salna and taking a bite with chicken curry? Wait, did you forget this famous line, “keep calm, and eat biryani”. But its not only the biryani that keeps us calm, there are 1000 varieties on the menu. And I am mentioning some here just to tempt you.

Foods you should try at least once.

  • Ghee rained crispy dosa with hot spicy sambar and four-color chutney.
  • Pani puri in road side shop.
  • Maisurpak from Krishna sweets.
  • Sunday morning with soft idly with chicken curry.
  • Desserts from Ibaco.
  • Tirunelveli Halwa.

 I am going to stop listing food items because I am getting hungry from just imagining it. I think you guys already in a captivating realm of tasty food. I mean, who can complain? We cannot simply escape from the beautiful reality where food is our eternal love.

 In this metaphoric and euphoric sense of world, food is one such gift from heaven. Food can make us feel good. Making and eating nourished food, feeding others, celebrating with others, and if these aren’t love, then what is?

We call food as emotion. And we all know the reason behind that. When we are caught up in a fight with our loved ones, and when we don’t know how to solve that, a simple diary milk can help us out.

And here comes tea and coffee, a phenomenal match made in heaven. These two drugs can get us out from even the maddest head aches. While thinking about them, a wonderful equation sparked in my mind:

Tea+ Bajji (Indian fried snack) + Rain+ Music = Heaven  

And remember, its not always eating our favourite food that brings us real love. Have you ever tried giving food to someone who’s hungry and homeless? You wouldn’t get any such happiness and fulfilment from anything else in this world.

And preparing a favourite dish to our favourite person gives us extreme happiness. Have you ever seen the love in your mom’s eye when she makes your favourite dish and also the love she has while she feeds you? And I can proudly say:

My amma’s rasam Sadam will definitely make my day!

Food is Medicine.

“FOOD IS MEDICINE”, is a term that was coined by Hippocrates, the father of western medicine.  Good nutrition and what you put into your body is the foundation for good health. Did you have your “nilam vembu kashayam” for preventing you from this deadly virus. I can already feel people saying ‘Ugh!’ to this.

Numerous foods have specific healing properties. Garlic and onions have antibiotic and antifungal properties. There are foods that reduce inflammation and there are ones that help lower cholesterol such as fish and omega 3 fatty acids. Doctors recommend eating at least two servings of fish a week.

Each food has its unique set of nutrients to meet the needs of your body. Hence it is recommended to eat a wide variety of foods ensuring a diverse range of nutrients.

Foods have an effect on rate of inflammation, blood sugar, energy, hormones, brain and heart health. They truly do act like medicine once consumed. A healthy diet plays a role in how genes are expressed and can tip the scale in favour of preventing disease, even if one runs in your family.

Some of the foods that can be viable substitutes for medicines are vegetables ,fruits, organic meats, grass-fed meats, healthy fats like coconut and seeds, sea vegetables and superfoods like cocoa and red wine.

Food is not just to fill your tummy, but it is also to fill your whole heart (okay, as well as empty your pocket, sometimes). Our whole life is a combination of food and magic. The sight of the food being cooked to perfection, the smell that tantalizes the nostrils and the flavours that explode the taste buds; aren’t these enough to make you fall in love with it. And above all…


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