A Father’s love is the only love that surpasses the sky, the ocean, and the wind, and that lasts forever and ever. Fathers are the god-sent angels for anyone. He is the only man who can shower unconditional love in its highest form. There is no power on earth than the father’s love! So big and so strong!

As we know mother’s love is frequently mentioned in movies, in shows, and elsewhere. But father’s love is seldom acknowledged. The father’s love is just as important to a child’s upbringing as a mother’s nurturing care.

Therefore, don’t you think it would be nice to honor this special person in our lives whom we call dad?

Father’s day is usually observed on the third Sunday of June, to honor and celebrate all the fathers, brothers, uncles, or any other significant male figures in our lives. The idea of celebrating this special day was first introduced in the United States. In the US, Father’s Day has been observed since June 1910.

Fatherhood is a lifetime responsibility filled with unconditional love, affection, care, and sacrifices. Fathers are often burdened with the responsibilities of their family and also conditioned to not show them at all.

He provides us with physical protection, financial security, emotional stability, and whatnot. Also, he provides us with discipline which may include setting rules or limits on our behavior.

This often interferes with both their ability to express affection and our ability to not recognize them. So, it may sometimes seem like “tough love,” but it is love. Instead of telling us how much he loves us, he shows us how much he does.

A father is a valuable treasure and a blessing in our lives. He turns out to be a superhero in our lives. From being a companion to being our personal taxi, and playing a vital role in bringing up a family through his selfless efforts and unconditional love, he truly is a real-life superhero. We will always look up to a father, no matter how tall we become.

A mother carries us for 9 months but a father carries us for a lifetime. The moment he holds his baby in his arms, the love, the tenderness, and the security he feels for his child remain constant forever. His love will always be hidden deep within, regardless of how he shows it. 

My father is like a best friend to me. There is a very special bond that exists between us. While I have never expressed my love toward him nor does he, I’ve always been aware that there is so much love and affection between us even though we don’t show it. To me, a father is another name for love.

My dad has always instilled high values and morals in me. And I am certain that I can never repay him for all that he has done for me. 

This might not be the case for everyone. Every father is different but the love they have for their children will certainly be the same. So, in honor of all they have done for us, let’s celebrate them on this day. 

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there! We love you!

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