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The modern people have now come to a mindset that fashion is all about a woman(particularly)wearing a dress that seduces the men as such by showing or teasing their private parts, such that the particular post gains like and followers for them. There are no such limitations that only a woman should involve in this, there are many men too. Fashion is not only about intimacy, many other things make us feel fascinated.

Let’s now have a small note on the history of fashion and how it gets evolved and the revolutions that happened in this industry meanwhile. Fashion was started when humans began wearing clothes. Abraham Bose was the first person to produce engravings of the fashion in the 1620s. The first designer, in the year 1858 named Charles Frederick Worth was the first designer who sewed his name as the label in the garments that he created. These designed clothes have eventually started rolling out for manufacturing especially in Paris and they circulated to Europe.

1850-1859 | Fashion History Timeline
1850-1859 Fashion

At first, the fashion clothing was designed and manufactured on a made-to-measure basis, and later on, couture garments came into the picture which is made to order for an individual customer which was usually made from expensive fabric and sewn with extreme attention to detail and finish. The big four fashion capitals of this industry are Paris, Milan, NYC, and London and among these, Paris is considered as the World’s fashion capital as the manufacturing of first designed clothes began there.

As like every industry, the fashion industry has its evolution. From the 1960s to the present, this field has played a key role in reflecting society and current events and it has been influenced by popular figures like celebrities. The clothing styles which were denied a decade or much longer ago are now been enjoyed with resurgence among the people. The trend is inevitable in every industry and so in this industry too. People change, demands change and the trend follows with the demand and people. Till the homo sapiens face an extinction period, Fashion will be loved by every people.

Now let us take a look at some facts that make us feel that fashion is just simply fascinating. And you, who is reading this are purely dedicated towards fashion, you wish to know from A to Z about it. Even though, you might have missed hearing out some long-forgotten gems, and some interesting facts about fashion. To the common people who are reading this blog, whether you love it or hate it, let us take a dive into the facts and come to a closure.

• This, being a blog related to fashion, you might have missed hearing out on an important magazine. And yes, you guessed it right. The ‘Vogue’, was founded in the year 1892 as a dignified, authentic journal of the society, fashion, and ceremonial side of life. The interesting fact is that even dogs have appeared on the cover page of this prestigious magazine and the count seems to be 90.

• Usually, the dress with white color had been used as a color for mourning. But Queen Victoria was the first person of the kind to wear a white wedding dress.

• Lipsticks, being a prime part of fashion are made out of fish scales

• You might have heard the ‘Retro’ which the majority of people assume refers to old items. It refers to styles copying vintage items.

As seen, it is noticeable that fashion has been a huge part of people’s lives for ages. Fashion, from the start till now has been a medium to reflect their ideology, personality, and social issue. Clothing has not just been a thing to cover your body, but it also represents life. The purpose of fashion is to make you feel that you are alive. Changing the wardrobe gives the feel of new things getting into life and you feel fresh and new.

Just like how eating food has been a primary thing to be considered, fashion is now becoming one of the primary things to be added. Being too philosophical about fashion makes some people getting hated but to those people, that’s what the saddest truth is!

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