Let’s start with the most basic question, when was the last time you looked into your reflection rather than just seeing it?

You might take a lot of time to answer it but the reality is that it’s been a very long time. We often think about our actions and how it affects the people around us but very rarely do we think about our reflections.

Looking into one’s reflection is not about seeing how you look and what all happened in your life, rather it is about your true identity, and how you have coped with things that have been happening in your life.

It’s strongly believed that one cannot know another’s hundred per cent because only a person himself or herself would know about their hundred per cent. Now let’s dive into some understandings that we have about our reflection,


It’s often thought of as a way to see just the outline of oneself and not the deeper understanding. Right from childhood, we all are taught to hate our flaws and envisioned ourselves to be perfect. We were not taught to appreciate our differences.

Every single person has their own weakness and strength. Everyone is imperfect and has their own set of perfections. We all are perfect with all those imperfections that we own. Start taking this into your mind.


We don’t actually need a psychology course to know about others’ minds. In the same way, we do not always require a second person to tell us about ourselves. Every person goes through his or her own voyage with a lot of thunderstorms and sunshine but it never stops them from sailing the ship called life.

Many don’t understand that this factor itself is the most important ingredient to having a healthy mind and a healthy life. In this society, we tend to fit in and want others to love us so much that we forget to love ourselves first.

Only when you cherish your thoughts, mind, soul, character, flaws and strengths will you in-depth knowledge about yourself. 


It’s okay to have expectations, it’s okay to get hurt, and it’s okay to lessen our actions and focus more on our reflections. Stop focusing just on your actions because, with greater self -understanding comes greater growth. Take some time to define yourself, define your path and define your destination.

These three factors would help you in humongous ways to have a brighter insight about yourself and trust me this process will bring the best out of you. Just as how the moon reflects beautifully on the lake, start reflecting on your beautiful self by prioritising yourself more.


A few minutes of looking into the mirror, staring into your eyes, seeing the beauty hidden inside and the pure thoughts that brought you to the place where you are standing right now in life will definitely make you fall deeply in love with yourself. Others may help us but the one who can truly help is undoubtedly ourselves.

As humans, we hold great power to change our minds which in turn changes this world and giving is always of prime importance compared to taking. So, start giving yourself that love, start growing in your mind, start watering those lovely flowers of thoughts.

Never put yourself second. You must always be your first priority in terms of love and positivity. 

There can always be a hundred reasons to dislike ourselves but we must focus more on that one important reason as to why we love ourselves and this is more than enough for us to be internally happy which in turn keeps others around us happy.

I conclude it with my share of thoughts, “When one has lost their reflection, action is just a mere proof of existence” so start to live your life like it’s the best.

Have a happy reflection hour every week and start falling deeper in love with yourself!     

Happy Reading!

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