Fashion as we see it and wear it, makes us feel special and happy. The big question is, does it make our environment happy too?

Sadly a much bigger NO! we all solely believe in the concept of “carrying oneself elegantly” and most of the time we think it’s about the styles of clothes that we wear in order to project our true personality. Well, it is true only when the perception towards it is changed.

The true perception towards fashion is to be sensed deeply rather than just a shallow obsession over new shiny fabrics.

Before going into the factors, let’s take a look at the  inconceivable facts about the fashion industry :

  • The fashion sector contributes to 2-8% of the greenhouse gas emissions.
  • While only a few need new dresses, 80-100 billion pieces of clothes are fabricated every year.
  • The fabrication of new clothes greatly adds to the wastage of multiple resources that are soon to be depleted.

Now, If you have questioned yourself about this situation then you’re on the right path, my friend. Changing the way we do things for the benefaction of the planet can never be late. To understand ‘green’ fashion better, here are the three R’s that are going to unimaginably help you colour our planet ‘green’!


Brand new clothes are preferred over moderately used clothes because of the way we maintain them. We hesitate to reuse clothes due to the lack of confidence we hold on to them while we wear it.

The colossal ideology one needs to understand is that reusing is always a positive attitude and also helps you to know your choices better. Reusing also makes you psychologically comfortable. So firstly, start reusing your clothes.

“There is no such thing as ‘away’. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere”

-Annie Leonard


When there is a dysfunctional zip, without a second thought we jump to the conclusion of buying a brand new cloth with a functional zip.

This is the shallow perception whereas the deep sense is, that when we repair our own clothes, not only do we feel good about it but also we bond with our clothes.

They are seen just as an entity to fit in but from now onwards start seeing it as an entity to connect with. This will not only be a personal scale development but also a planet-scale development. So secondly, start repairing your clothes.

“Care for your clothes like the good friend they are”

-Joan Crawford


In today’s busy world that’s running towards an undecided goal, take an hour of time to sit and calmly rearrange your closet because only when you rearrange, do you get to know your clothes better.

You can style old jeans with a floral vintage top or an old shawl like a scarf for a breezy frock. You ultimately get creative with your possessions. The correct way of storing clothes will always contribute towards half the work of clothing care. For additional care, sustainable clothing experts dictate, “Wash clothes less and wash them cooler”.

This way clothes are sustained like new and also boost a lot of vibrant vibes into one’s way of carrying oneself externally as well as internally. So thirdly and lastly, start rearranging.

“Ethical fashion is the recognition that there are human beings behind the clothes that we wear.”

– Elizabeth Joy

A small change in our attitude may really save the world only when we put the required confidence in ourselves to achieve what we want. Fashion is a great aspect to show others what we insightfully are on the outside as well as the inside.

“There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness”

-Mahatma Gandhi

When you make up your mind to drive in a positive direction, there’s nothing called an obstacle. With these words, I leave you with the commencement of a  beautiful transformation that often starts with a question and additionally these words place hope in me,

“When you mix the right palette of colours internally, you paint the world green externally!”.

Happy Reading.

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