Birthday function, wedding anniversary, reception and other special occasions have one thing in common. It’s definitely cake. None of those functions are complete without this delicacy. In fact, a lot of us would be waiting for the cake to arrive at those functions (including me). This blog is all about delicacy and its role in these occasions.


There are different types of cakes like sponge cake, biscuit cake, ice-cream cake, butter cake, cheesecake and so on, but what I think is basically that there are two types of cakes, the cream one and the plain one. There are certain types of cakes prepared for certain types of events.


The thing which strikes our mind after reading this statement is Christmas. Christmas is always accompanied by plum cake. The cake is made with rum and raisins. Everyone will be waiting for Christmas especially for the cake. In fact, it is a bonus for us, since Christmas is followed by New Year, we can ask for two cakes from them!

New Year is another occasion where most people celebrate with cakes. With the New Year just came by, everyone would have cut cake either with their friends or family. The cake is considered as a celebration food just like champagne, cake brings joy and happiness to all. Not only eating, even cooking and decorating it is joyous.

Food, in general, is used to unite people and make them happy, cake in specific makes those moments more memorable. Another thing with cake is that we cut/divide it into pieces and share it with others. This represents the unity of the group and the occasion.

The Greeks and Romans had started the practice of cutting cakes for celebrations. According to them, the cake is a symbol of good luck even though the particular reason for that is still unknown. They added cake to make their events more bright.

This practice is continued and followed till now and will be followed forever.

There are a lot of cake decorators who build innovative cakes. They are like architects who create the cake with care and passion and the end result is mind-blowing. The cake I find mind-blowing is the face cake. I am not talking about the 2d photo cake, I am talking about the 3d cake that looks just like the person. Just imagine the talent, skill, and hours of hard work taken by the person to fulfill this.

iron-man 3D cake

Another important occasion for which cake is inevitable is teacher’s day. Definitely, everyone would have celebrated teacher’s day with a cake. Planning a surprise for the class teacher by decorating the class and buying the cake. When the teacher opens the door, snow spray pop-ups and other celebrations would be done. We would do this not to make the teacher happy, we would do this so that they won’t take the class. Those were some golden moments where we enjoyed ourselves without any stress.

Cake, Carrot Cake, Cake Stand, Dessert

Birthdays are imperfect without cake. The base-level surprise we plan for our friends/relatives is to buy them a cake. Whatever you do, please don’t waste them. Don’t think that he is going to give advice and sort of stuff. You are not only wasting the food; you are also wasting the hard work and passion of the person who baked it. So the next time make sure not to waste the cake, instead, if you find the cake in excess give them to someone needy, you will feel happy and proud of yourself!

And finally, I convey my apologies to those who got tempted by the images and the content. Treat yourself with a piece of cake unless you are not diabetic.

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