We live in a breathtaking environment that is full of magic, wonder and happiness. Of course there is sadness, loneliness and illness. Even a coin has two sides.
The world we live is both beautiful and ugly. It has both happiness and sadness in it. The question is, Who see only bright side of this beautiful world?
The answer is simple. Beautiful heart sees beautiful world. The person who is beautiful by his/her heart, not by any physical appearance experiences the exquisite side of the world. People are the ultimate source of goodness. Most of the people desire to have Good looks. We miss to realize one thing there. Looking beautiful depends on others, not on ourselves.

“The earth is a museum, and we all are the art within it. Study all the art regardless of its shape, colour and you’ll gain a greater understanding of the museum”

Who have beautiful heart?
The one doesn’t care about their appearance, shape, background, popularity and considers character, personality as the pride possession has the most beautiful heart. That beautiful soul shines brighter than a beautiful face with emptiness inside.
Internal beauty is presented naturally. It may not have an ideal look, but we can identify the way a person speak, the way they smile, the way he treat others.

Importance of inner beauty
Inner beauty builds our life
Inner beauty is what helps to build relationships between our soul and body. It makes a person more peaceful
Happy life
A person with beautiful heart is always happy and free from worries. Because he knows how to handle his/her problems of life. They overcome all hurdles and also inspires others to be positive.
“Do everything with a good heart and you’ll never be disappointed”
Best decision maker
Person with inner beauty tends to have good mental peace. They are comparatively wiser than other people. This makes them to take best decision in their life
•It makes you proud
There will always be someone who have problem with your external look. But your inner beauty never forgets to make you proud. Inner beauty always receive Praise from people

A beautiful heart will bring things into your life that all the money in the world couldn’t get you”

Inner beauty is cheap
To get the external beauty, we need loads of makeup products and treatments. This may wipe all your money. Attaining inner beauty is much cheaper. It doesn’t want us to spend money.

There is a famous quote “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder“. They failed to tell that it is best seen with eyes closed. The look isn’t important. The personality matters.

There are always sad in some people’s life, because they don’t know how to be happy with what they have. It is time to see the real beauty of this world. Recognize the beauty from the heart and soul not by looks and appearance.