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Author: Lakshmi Ramesh


A Healthy Approach to Beauty 

“The idea of beauty is always shifting”Ellen DeGeneres once explained that “Beauty is about being comfortable in your skin. It is about knowing and accepting yourself”. It is also defined as “A combination of qualities, such as shape, color or form that pleases the aesthetic…



“A cool person is generally someone whose attitude and behaviors are composed but seen as uniquely their own” ~Dr. Julie Gurner Coolness is about accepting who you are and being kind to all. A really cool person is calm, polite, helpful, perfect, respectful, and responsible….


What is Body language? 

Have you ever realized that your body sends unmistakable signals to people around you? In the subconscious stage, we do several actions. That we call Body language. “The way we behave to communicate with others” is known as a Body language. There are two ways…


What is Inner Beauty? 

Most people think that beauty only lies in appearance, looks, outfits etc. But it’s not! The real beauty lies in our personality, Character, Attitude. We call it Inner beauty.Our inner beauty doesn’t require perfect skin, good-looking outfits, or a stunning shape. It is in your…

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