The term “environment” is not something new to us. We often hear about this. But there is more to this term than what we see or hear. We’ve read about the environment right from our lower classes. Often, learning stops in the classroom and very rarely reaches the actual world. In some instances, educated people litter while uneducated people tidy up. Like the beings of this beautiful planet, we hold a responsibility. The following is a guide to shape that aspect of every individual.


It all started in 1972 when people were bustling about being in healthy surroundings. It emerged as a small neighbourhood talk. Within a short duration, it was an international topic. This attracted the UN council’s attention. They soon held a conference to address this topic. The United Nations Environment Programme was created. Following this, the world environment day was established by the UN general assembly. It was brought into the light to glorify a human’s right to live in a greener environment.  

The candid complication:

All along, we’ve been in a delusion that global warming is the actual problem. Factors like pollution of air, water and land are also not a big deal here. The biggest problem is us. We, humans, are the root cause of our planet’s destruction. The theory “every action has an equal and opposite reaction” is true. Humans often get surprised by forest fires, tsunamis, cyclones etc. All of these destructions have been the reactions to the action put forward by us. Not taking this seriously is a serious problem.

Superlative solutions:

Everything starts from the inside and then reaches the outside. So, start working on yourself. Think of the consequences that your action will bring. Put forward actions that only bring positive reactions. Be a responsible being and take care of your fellow earthlings. Be it a tiny ant or a humongous whale, they all have the same rights as us. To deserve something precious is to make ourselves deserving. Here are a few practices that could bring a large impact:

  • Sit and think about your contributions.
  • Conserve water and electricity.
  • Prevent using of plastics.
  • Feed the dustbins and not the land.
  • Educate everyone around you about this.
  • Use social media to volunteer for environmental activities.
  • Ban the attitude ‘why should I?’.
  • Be kinder to your surroundings.
  • Treat all species equally.
  • Be a better human.

Joining hands:

Why every person’s contribution is equally important? It’s quite easily understandable. A circle can only be formed when each hand holds on to the other. Even if one hand is taken back, it becomes a mere curve. This curve has been destroying families, nature and sustainability. Hence it is of utmost importance to take care of our planet as one whole family. Remember that there are billions and trillions of planets but only one earth. Before the animals in the children’s book go extinct, step up and act! ‘We’ is a two-letter word but has the power to even change the infinitely expanding universe. Concluding this with my share of thoughts,

“When the thought that leads to the action is altered, the planet is altered”

Happy world environment day my dear earthlings!

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