Life is a sea of opportunities. A person’s attitude towards their daily life determines their success rate. It’s been a year since Vio29 started. I’ve been a part of this journey from the beginning. Over the past three years, I’ve undergone the atmost transition in my life. From an engineer to a digital marketer and an editor-in-chief, I played various roles in an organization in a short period. But vio29 is a breathtaking journey. As a person with unlimited enthusiasm and overthinking, I never stopped overdoing things here. After being appointed as editor-in-chief, the responsibility of being perfect and progressing the company turned out to be a huge nightmare for me.

It’s a stroke of luck for any individual to have a sudden exponential growth in their career. While starting this blog site, we had only a few members in a team. All the members multitasked and worked tirelessly to maintain the frequency of posting blogs. As a beginner, we strived very hard to grasp our own readers for this site.

It stressed me out. Every human being wishes to show their excellency in the job from the moment of the allocation. I belong to the same crowd as well. Though we worked hard, attracting the readers was a mammoth task. We failed desperately in that case. We took this as a challenge. Initially, we reworked the architecture of the site. At this step, we found how the search engine works. We customized the vio29 to pop first when you search for any content related to the lifestyle. Bring’n lifestyle is our tagline. Justifying the cause, we spotlighted the content that was less noticed by people in their daily life. That was a huge turning point.

It’s all about teamwork

Vio29 gained its own audience daily. At that time, I felt real pride in being a leader. A leader should never be a dictator. The performance of a team is purely based on the attitude of the leader towards the members. From a team of three, we grew into a group of fifteen members.

Honestly speaking! I’m an introvert and managing a team with a completely new member kept me on my nerves. Though they were easygoing and perfect, I couldn’t pinpoint them even if any mistake is made. As days pass, their lethargic act reached its peak. I felt it was time to break my prison. After facing too many odds and restructuring, we could build a strong and vibrant team.

Every new idea turned out to be a record-breaking success. Each of us developed many new skills during this time. The important lesson I learned in this journey is to be ready for change. The drastic transition took us to the peak of success and tragedic fall as well. At the end of the day, it was up to us how we took up the lesson.


I dreamt of this lifestyle since my childhood. I imagined of being a perfect person in my life, and I worked to the fullest in all the chances I received. But the decision to be EIC in vio29 changed the game abruptly. As said in the beginning, I seized the opportunity to make it great.

I’m not overrating vio29. The genre of working style is completely way off from existing patterns. We still continue to learn. For sure I can promise that our readers will never get disappointed after reading the blogs.

Finally, Vio29 has completed a one-year journey with many ups and downs. But the essence of soul writing still remains the same.

Happy anniversary V29 

Enjoy reading and blogging with us people.