Chess is one of the world’s most popular and widely known indoor games. This game is a mind battle between two people that often involves tactics and strategic play. The origin of this game is still not clear, but people say that this game has Indian roots since it evolved from the game called Shatranj.

Kings in those days used to play this game to improve their war strategy and planning skills. The Chess Olympiad is one of the biggest and grandest events conducted in the sport of chess. This blog covers this mega chess event.

The chess Olympiad is a biennial event (two times a year) that involves players from different countries and nationalities around the globe. This event is considered as the Olympics of Chess since chess is not included in the Olympics. This time, this grand event is happening in India. This is a proud moment for us, a world-level competition being hosted in our country.

The FIDE (International Chess Federation) is the body responsible for organizing this mega competition.

They have been organizing this biennial event since 1950. The past two Olympiads have been conducted online due to the pandemic. This is the first offline Olympiad that is going to be conducted after the pandemic, hence there would be huge expectations and a craze from the chess lovers (like me).

This time, the 44th chess Olympiad will be conducted in Chennai in India. The competition will commence on 28th July 18, 2022, and will end on 10th August 2022. Also, a torch relay has been planned in forth of the Chess Olympiad and the 75th year of Indian Independence (Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav).

The FIDE president, Arkady Dvorkovich initiated the torch which was given to the Honorable Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, who handed it over to the legendary Indian chess grandmaster, Vishwanathan Anand.

The torch which started its journey in New Delhi has crossed over 20 different cities and is currently in Hyderabad. The destination of the torch will be in Mahabalipuram, near Chennai on 28th July in mark of the start of the competition. The torch relay is a new additive by the FIDE and India is the first country to host and conduct this prestigious torch relay.

The torch relay featuring Vishwanathan Anand, Narendra Modi, Vidit Gujrathi, Tania Sachdev and other chess grandmasters

The city is also preparing itself for the grand chess event. One of the significant and notable preparation is the Napier bridge which has been painted with black and white squares, signifying the chess Olympiad. Also, a big statue of Thambi, the official mascot for the Chess Olympiad has been placed next to the “Namma Chennai” in Marina Beach. The road near War Memorial has paintings of the chess board. Several chess enthusiasts take part in this plunge.

This is indeed a party for chess lovers and enthusiasts.

Napier bridge painted with black and white squares

Grandmasters and delegates throughout the world are arriving at Chennai to take part in this event. This is indeed pressure on the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Stalin M K, who is recovering from COVID. However, the city is preparing its best to host the competition and we can hope that it can operate smoothly.

The Soviet Union won the 43rd chess Olympiad, bagging the highest number of medals. Since the ’50s, the Soviet Union has been dominating the chess Olympiad. Another noteworthy nation in competition with the Soviet Union is the United States of America.

Well, let’s see who wins the 44th chess Olympiad. This event would be indeed fun and heaven for the chess enthusiasts and will indeed take chess to the next level.

Jai Hind !!

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